Who saves on the new Tesla model models;

Since 2021, Tesla has been a regular modifier of sur ses vehicules électriques. We deliver a summary of the newest products presented or found on the new Tesla model cars. Occasion of the point.

Tesla Model 2

Tesla prepares all new electric vehicles: the Model 2. The Tesla Model 2 is only a family-owned autonomous vehicle that has the current Tesla range. The brand has effect on the symbolic only 25 000 dollars.

A quelle date sort of the Tesla Model 2?

For the time being Tesla did not deviate exactly as the famous Model 2 did on the march. In the neo-enmity can not be what the vehicle ne soit pas vraiment tradisé avant 2023 see 2024. The company wants to deliver two other vehicles announced at the latest Announcements: the Tesla Roadster, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

What is the style sheet of Model 2?

The most accurate information stored on the characteristics of the techniques of model 2. It is easy to say that this car is only autonomously sorted – so autonomous conduit of level 4 or 5. What it means is that Tesla would like to demonstrate and certify its technology as early as 2022, its vehicles on a level 2 autonomy for the moment.

What is the autonomy of the Tesla Model 2;

According to several sources, Tesla offers battery packs of 45-50 kWh delivering a range of 400 km. Which one or the same autonomy as the Renault 5, follows as one of the most convincing competitors of this vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 2022

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion Millésime 2022 changes the battery, its engine and mounts a Base Economy. More cette edition d’accès perd son main argument : its attractive price and its maximum bonus.

La Tesla Model 3 poursuit son uninterrupted evolution

All by car type. Exit from lithium ion batteries, eclipsed to the profit of an LFP (lithium-ferrous-phosphate) block that escapes from cobalt sources. The recuperators indicate a net capacity of 57 kWh (60 gross) for the new Model 3 Propulsion battery.

The second change of tail is the replacement of the electric motor by anyone finding it on the back of the Performance version; a permanent aiming block with liquid aiming and liquid cooling. 0 à 100 km / h is effect indicated at 6.1 with 5.6 with above. However, most flywheels of this Model 3 base are based on resources.

Prix ​​Tesla Model 3 Propulsion 2022

This is the price of the price in the car and not in the good sense. The Model 3 subit plus that other inflation with three tariff rates successively deposited until 2021. From 43 800 € with bonus from 6 000 €, the assembly is past à 49 990 €, including 0 € bonus re. In all rooms, the United States has a small price of 10 190 €!

Tesla Model 3 2022 Autonomy

With battery and engine replacement, the Model 3 Propulsion to achieve WLTP autonomy in progress up to 510 km against 448 above. Value that descends to 491 km with 19 optional wheels. America is distinguished from the dawn of Berlin by the son of the radio station in the Jusquite state passing under the load of 20 kWh at 100 km, which induces a real autonomy of 295 km per authority.

The result is great plus surprise on the route router with 14 kWh at 100 km and a real autonomy of 407 km count the battery capacity. These action rays are designed to work with the superior versions (Great Autonomy and Performance), available at the same time with this Model 3 based on a high degree of versatility to make the display uncharged.

Tesla Model X 2022

Since the mid-year 2020, it is not a συν aucune which is manufactured and delivered to Europe. Therefore, the sales of the Model X are zero after 18 months…

Autonomy and price

The Tesla Model X a 560 kilometers of autonomy announced for the most enduring version, and 536 kilometers for the Plaid version.

Comparting 10 000 euros more with the same configuration as the Model S, one Departure price 109 990 euros, et une edition Karo qui demandera 139 990 euro option avant même de choisir la moindre.

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