Who is Fasia Jansen;

This day, the Google Doodle is dedicated to the German musician Fasia Jansen. On y voit la chanteuse faire ce qu’elle aimait le plus: ψάλτης lors dun rassemblement, κιθάρα à la main.

Aujourd’hui, Jansen aurait eu 93 ans. In which case, we want to make a moving move.

A portrait of Fasia Jansen: your epoch before and during national socialism

The singer Fasia Jansen was born on June 6, 1929 in Hamburg. Son of the Liberian consul General Momolu Massaquoi.

Of course, there is a German chamber woman, Elli Jansen, who means that Fasia Jansen is an illegitimate child. Consequently, he or she will fight against two issues in his or her youth: As an illegitimate child, he or she will be excluded from the 1930s, even if the absence of an illicit relationship is socially enjoyable.

Fasia Jansen has a lot of mal’s cause’s cause of bloated skin color. Shortly after arriving at the National Socialist movement, it is a different state for the beginning of the year, even more so at the time. Part of the Nazi terror regime, which is characterized by racial fanaticism, is also discriminated against as a person of “non-Aryan” racism.

Malgré all, Fasia Jansen trying to consolidate her life in this epoch. She often attends a dance school in Hamburg looking for one. However, in the face of discrimination and in the end it has been revealed to the school and to the one-year-old girl. Some years later, it is recruited to work in a popular soup. In this function, all of them have been in contact with the detainees of a concentration camp which is provided by the popular soup.

A portrait of Fasia Jansen: her work in the Federal Republic

Whereas in this case, Fasia Jansen is conspired to be an artist. Elle treats his experiences in music and uses it to politically engage encore and encore. It is a familiar sight to the manifestations and an important figure of the German pacifist movement. This subtitle is also part of the Nairobi Women’s World Conference, among others.

Of course, his αρραβώνας is not only intended for his friends. The number of criminal ordinances has been pronounced against them. The alliances corresponding to the habitual alliances against the manifestations of the epoch: resistance to the authority of the statue and the inclination of the roof. Fasia Jansen, of course, did not impress Jamaica.

Honors for Fasia Jansen

À 72 years old, the musician knows how to recognize the content of part of the state. Elle a recu la Croix fedérale du mérite. After dying in 1997, the singer continued to be honored. For example, a multifaceted Fasia Jansen school opened in 2014.

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