Which principals are responsible for the draft of Verts, passing from Europa League to League 2 in three years?

The power of 10 titles of Champions of France and 18 consecutive matches in Ligue 1 does not suffice to save AS Saint-Etienne. Out of a barrage of very high tension against AJ Auxerre (3rd of Ligue 2), concluded by Ryad Boudebouz’s shot on son (1-1, 4-5 on tab) and by chaos Absolutely on Geoffroy-Guichard’s ball in the full, Verts sombrent in Ligue 2. The quasi-logical reduction of a cauchemardesque season to all levels, with 20 defeats per key. 20 minutes see the responsibilities of this XXL à Sainté fiasco, and whoever does not sum up the evidence to be barred mal maîtrisé face A aJA.

A pair of presidents per period

Based on the headline of AS Saint-Etienne, the Roland Romeyer-Bernard Caïazzo subway is designed to be installed in all areas. The sense of timing a new bluff blown all over the world, dim sum. Only 15 minutes after the fatal defeat of Verts against AJ Auxerre, the operators were prevented from communicating with each other before, and which was not announced after the declaration by President Roland Romeyer, Pascal D of jewels.

«Cet echec, il faut l’accepter. As principal shareholders, assuming accountable interior. At any given time, we announce an important novel about the venue of the club and its nature. A substantial page of our tour turns into places beyond all of the ASSE institution which for three years, retrospectively, on the elite floor », having the two presidents of the presidencies, will soon become official of the club, plus an opening to officially launch this process.

Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer, all of whom are currently part of the 16-year-old, along with the Ligue 1 Cup transported in 2013 to the Stade de France. – GUY JEFFROY / SIPA

As the ultimate relief and demonstration of the ultra-stepanoid force on the dimensional pelvis not followed by the American billionaire David Blitzer, or any other repeater, who compares Jamaican music to the crystallization of tension between the supports and the directing. And Bernard Caïazzo, who lives on both sides of Dubai, is very much in the electricity of Stepanos contexts, all of which revolve around Roland Romeyer (76 years old), more or less branded by critics and critics alike. multiple groups of supporters, with the image of the house tagged after the deficit against Reims (1-2) on 14 May.

After avoiding the stabilizing properties of the club on the economic plan, as well as the camshaft salary ceiling, and a large number of humane people on the bench, along with Christophe Galtier and Jean-Louis Gasset, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo are planted in large lines. As part of Ghislain Printer, formerly of Gasset, the ASS is systematically retracted in order to retain its presence in the elite. Julien Sablé’s entourage does not carry all these fruits, all like Pascal Dupraz’s team, and all of Claude Puel’s players, installed with a wide range of sporting povoirs, in a post of third manager in Ligue 1.

The terrible passage of Claude Powell

Which of the following to match the abyssal movement between the ambitions affirmed by Claude Puel and the sports reality that a meeting dating back to January 2020, all three of them almost reached the bench; “The target is the Champions League. I’m not interested in the fifth place. “It’s even better if he chose to test more beaucoup more haut,” he announced on Eurosport. In the end, the few named Verts at the Stade de France (0-1 against PSG after the final of the Coupe de France 2020), but having been saved from the premature arrival of Ligue 1 ( 10 journals before the finish) within Covid-19, with a 17th place. 11th in 2021 (à 6 points from barragiste), the Lyonnais coach’s team is 20e with 12 points in 17 journals when it is limited, the last 5 December, after one month.

Claude Puel quits the ASE from all the small ports, in December.
Claude Puel quits the ASE from all the small ports, in December. – VALERY HACHE / AFP

Discharge, not to be outdone by the energy recovery mode lasting as long as Stephanos, and Wardley Fofana’s late fall and fall (found 40 M € à Leicester) as part of the 2020 season -2021. Although he quickly regrouped with Stéphane Ruffier and took away cadets supposedly like Wahbi Khazri and Ryad Boudebouz, Claude Puel did not have the Jamaican symbol as an impulse measure assumed as low as the juniper. Although it is not more than a club after six months, it plays a central role in the assaulting of the ASE, passing three times from the Europa League to the Ligue 2, like the rappelling of the Magic The fans are hesitant.

A plate recruitment

Sort of celestial mercury from winter 2018 made in Jean-Louis Gasset, with high-waisted shorts basking the Verts of the course while holding the cell for Europe in its finest form (Subotic, M’Vila, Debuchy) cinq ans. In general, the large investments agreed on the salar level for the players in the distance and without a view of the event (Boudebouz, Khazri) see a course booth (Cabaye), a record transfer indemnity for a crack assumed to be resilient (Diony), or enclave a co-signer signed by Claude Puel with Adil Aouchiche (former PSG). But the apotheosis of la disaster category from the steppe recruitment to this place, in the direction of Loïc Perrin.

Ici lor's son entree en jeu plutit interesting dimanche contre l'AJ Auxerre, Enzo Crivelli, longtemps blessé à son arrivë, n'a pas relancer l'atka stéphanoise durant la retour's Ligue JEFFD.
Ici lors de son entree en jeu plutit interesting danche contre l’AJ Auxerre, Enzo Crivelli, longtemps blessé à son arrivë, n’a pas su relancer ëtka stéphanoise durant laphase retour de Ligue JEFFPAF.

Outre choix du coach Pascal Dupraz, le Three big ones Mangala-Crivelli-Gnagnon (Poultice track) rejoins the group for air in its maintenance operation. Eliaquim Mangala is from the son niveau de Porto et de Manchester City. Enzo Crivelli has not registered but will not officially fit in December 2020 and does not confirm the surprise in the Forez diet, but it is before the arrival of the blessed. When it comes to Joris Gnagnon, you get a good quintessence of superfluous kilos on chaque photo rotating in a circle on social networks, and they will be contracted three times or three times, without the appliance with the professional group. With so many sauces, plus the chronicle failure of a frame assumed like Timothy Kolodziejczak, the terrible issue of dimension is not a real surprise.

Pascal Dupraz, le pompier n’a plus la flamme

It’s evidently a Dupraz effect, with those 4 wins and 6 Ligue 1 matches at the top of the table, all the way from the encephalogram to the full phase with Claude Puel. Coach savoyard mobilized a mentally group and redefined confidence in a game like Denis Bouanga. Mostly only with the active adviser of the ETG (2014) and Toulouse (2016), in a sense of the signs of usury in the stepanic vest. A time adjusted to 17th place, the team totally plunged into two reps, in Lorient (5-2) and Nice (4-2), after avoiding systematically more than two buttons.

During his maintenance operation, Pascal Dupraz never lost sight of the fact that he had six years with TFC.  ΣΑΛΩΜ-ΓΟΜΗΣ
During his maintenance operation, Pascal Dupraz never lost sight of the fact that he had six years with TFC. SALOM-GOMIS – AFP

These couches are for those who enjoy the free Pascal Dupraz as part of their indefinite responsibilities, all in the guise of the final sprint, with the image of the match against Reims (1-2) and the ultimate match not counting face to face -1, 4-5 aux tirs au but), malgré a score favorable in Bourgogne (1-1). Dupraz’s adventure goes straight to Saint and on to the impression that the person does not regret the vraiment, which belongs to the conductors, jewelers or supporters. All that is not present in the press room is the same size, even in the suppressed full Twitter account, as for some radar dispensers.

Le 12e homme, vraiment?

Le battle between groups of supporters having their club’s cake fail this season in Ligue 1. But frankly, the ASE ultras devoid rafler la mise, having the episodes lead to Chaudron’s advantage. Both close and interlocutory displacements follow the simple pyrotechnic demonstrations of Tant Magic Fans and Green Angels, with incidents and pressures against Angers, Jura Sud, face Monaco. Holding the 30th Anniversary of the Green Angels, with sorting fumigations and match interruptions, Comme on presents a total closet drive for the 37th crucial journal against Reims. Defeat (1-2) so that it fails to place a barrage on Stéphanois.

The chaos occur after that match, and more than that all face Auxerre, proving a novelty even at which point the ultras in a font that goes to Saint-Etienne. In some days, it seems that Verts wants to get a new level of closure. As soon as the Ligue 2 season’s end result is a hard-to-reach one, which ends up being filled by several homeless bout matches, you see. Comment ouvrir of a very good manner that is new in Ligue 2? The motive of the end in this reverse cycle is for Eliaquim Mangala, who assures, that he arrived in January: “Rendez-vous in May for the final of the French Cup and the maintenance”. Bergerac and AJ Auxerre are crossed by and on the basis of this ASSE on the derivative.

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