Where is Quviviq, new treatment against the person authorized by the European Medical Agency?

To sleep in the tank to prevent insomnia, treatment and fire on the rifle, “which allows people to sleep more rapidly” and “Restart sleep more quickly”, note EMA.

A new novelty in sommeil tubes; L’agence européenne du médicament (EMA) is a debut that begins with the marketing authorization d’un nouveau médicament contre l’insomnie appelé Quviviq. It is developed by Idorsia, a Swiss biotech run by a French couple, and has been authorized by the United States since January. Il ne sera disposibile que sur ordonnance.

This treatment “allows a natural substance to be taken into account in order to maintain the quality of the patient’s life of the journal. , explicit by Figaro Jean-Paul Clozel, the French PDG of Idorsia.

· Which is to pedal and take up more;

In order to counteract the insomnia, most of the treatment is of all the components, which have an action of endurance on the reservoir. Le Quviviq va, lui, agir sur le réveil grâce à sa ουσία δρακτική qui est le daridorexant. The Merck Laboratory has been built on the Japanese, American, Australian, and Canadian marches, it is based on the same principle as the deciduous one.

“It agitates by blocking the action of orexin, a substance produced by the reservoir which favors the drug”, exclaims the EMA. “It means that Quviviq helps people to sleep more quickly, to stop sleep more quickly and to improve their functioning throughout the course of the journal.”

Quviviq’s results were demonstrated in the two main studies, with a portion of 930 patient published in The Lancet.

“They were about to take 50 mg of Quviviq before they could be reduced to an average of 29 minutes at a time that was almost always reduced by a ratio of 11 minutes for these to take a place,” he explained. “Plus, after about three months of treatment, patients receive 50 mg of Quviviq while they are endorming around 35 minutes plus rapidly before treatment, while those in place are endormed 23 minutes or more rapidly.”

· Comment s’utilise-t-il?

“Contrary to other somnifères who tend to sleep in addition to the sommelier, all of which sleep in diminutively staying alive”, resumes by BFMTV, Marc Rey, neurologist, neurologist. “In a new weapon, this is not interesting, but it is fair to assume that this new weapon must be addressed to patients who have been diagnosed by a doctor who is charged.”

This medicine shall be used “for the treatment of adults suffering from insomnia (difficult to sleep) having at least three months and which being inclusive of their function throughout the course of the journal, as intended.” delivered in order “.

Available in pill form, the recommended dose of Quviviq is 50 mg of the same amount – or 25 mg of the drug as a maximum dose is more appropriately – “after more than 30 minutes with the couch” , explicitly the European agency. In addition, this treatment “must be as short as possible and actualized by your doctor in a flow of three months”.

· Which secondary effects;

“The effects that most often occur on the head of the head and on the somnolence”, is specified on the site of the drug, but others are listed. The FDA takes into account the risks of aggravation of depression and suicidal ideation, sleep paralysis, somnambulism or diminution of consciousness and alertness: diminuée. “

Rather, “the buoyancy of indistinguishable effects being of moderate to moderate intensity” is the subject of the EMA, which is said to be “like for all medicines, given on the use of Quviviilportes perff, but accordingly prises for protecting patients “.

From a 2017 Santé Publique France barometer in France, the chronicle touches 13.1% of 18-75 year olds, 16.9% of women and 9.1% of men.

Salomé Vincendon BFMTV journalist

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