What caused the Tesla accident’s cause of the vent in the mouth of a thread?

I want a traffic accident for the annoying months.

All the time at which point the intrusion can be made of lathes when a car is driven. This is the primary cause of current accidents on the route as it is considered in all its forms: use a telephone, turn off the radio to change the chain, sleep or … take a walk on it which will pass around the car.

In this video, the conductor of a Tesla machine also sets a parameter for at least one: to leave a comment on the video, the way to deposit a car with its own car without the garment that leaves a large door vent coup. The aura conductor is all fixed with its attention on its friend which negotiates a reciprocal mark. Distribute, as well as cut the door vehicle!


The most significant evidence that there is no blessing in this case is various assists. Where the electric car conductor is located;

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