We analyze Elon Musk tweets: Retrospectives, best of

Between launching in Poutine, having been hacked by the coronavirus and being’s runner-up in Kanye West’s presidential candidacy, Elon Musk has been regularizing himself on Twitter, which racked up other people.

Ainsi, at the same time that Tesla’s proprietors use this platform. This perfume’s eye, which is the point at which tweets can be made impossible for other mortals. Στο omet aussi quelques fois l’influence qu’ils peuvent avoir.

This is what we proposed in this article to revisit the phenomenon “Elon Musk and Twitter”.

Update: Elon Musk has suspended his son on Twitter, he will not give up

The saga comes from the connotation of a rebounding unit. Elon Musk decided to buy 13 years later from his son the reporter acquisition du célèbre réseau social. «Το L’accord is suspended in the audience of Details around the calculator suggesting that you receive spam accounts and counts not representing 5% of the total number of users », at-il précisé… on Twitter.

Declaring that after one of your priorities will be a great deal of management in the bootstrap users these four users of the social network. A tweet that Value’s the action of the social network save more than 20% in electronic switches preceding the Wall Street opening.

Plus it’s slow, the billionaire boss assured of being “all right” on Twitter.

For this retrograde;

The Twitter Direction has retorted, but debuted, which does not contain more than 5% of “bots” (only accounts fed by robots) on the platform. An affirmation that Musk symbolizes with a circus perspective.

It also adds that the nipples accumulating these last days around the chord. On the other hand, the exit of tech values ​​in the Stock Exchange can be taken by verified commentators to ask Elon Musk not to finish by finding what pay trop cher for Twitter. From this point on, the suspension of the offer poured into a way of relating the negotiations.

L’offre d’Elon Musk also attracts the attention of the SEC (the American gendarme of the Bourse) which opens a query on the circuits in the cells which are taken. The tropa delar dela de la rdivement avoid amassé’s Twitter actions avant de faire son offfre. SEC the soup after it has been masked with real intentions.

Comment, in the tweet, Elon Musk changes le cours des choses?

This example is more than just a picture illustrating Elon Musk’s influence with his tweets that surprise and font the fruit. With specific conclusions for the respective companies and brands.

GameStop, Shopify, Signal, Etsy or CD Project can be tested. Elon Musk refers to Elon Musk’s tweet Browse the stock exchange rates of these five societies. Positions of one of the most influential personalities on the Web are disoriented by financial analysts like trades in the herb.

On Twitter, the most important part of the world has been lost le trublion des marchés financiers. The editions With their impressions, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and the ability to decompress the active rates without having to take advantage of the merits of their 44.1 million subscribers.

The bitcoin sample

Influence of homework on successes of particular investors not cut to annals. These last ones look like a visionary genius, like a guru. The result, then, is that position braces are tightened.

It’s also what’s got to do with Elon Musk taking his Twitter account minibiography with the “bitcoin” emoji and hashtag for cryptocurrencies grip of 20% in at least 24 hours.

Retrospective: 8 tweets by Elon Musk qui ont fait polémique

In addition to the Twitter racing event, Elon Musk has created a new coup d’etat, which is one of the most controversial outfits on the platform. I sent some tweets that were made of fruit:

April 2018

Elon Musk Recognizes Avoiding Suction“error” of excessive automation of the Tesla Fremont car, in California, making its declared production target of 5,000 Model 3 per week.

August 2018

The Hellenic Capital Market Commission (SEC) has asked Elon Musk sur des suupçons de «Statements fausses or trumpets», after avoiding his retired Tesla project from the quote for $ 420 a share. Musk επιβεβαιώνει s’être fixé cet objectif de prix après avoir appris “The significance of the marijuana culture and writing that is petite amie trouverait cela drôle”.

February 2019

The new SEC pinned a tweet that declared it «Tesla gets zero cars in 2011, but only around 500,000 in 2019». The rectifier explicitly avoids flying over an annual production rate, which is about 10,000 cars per semester, but deliveries for the remaining rest are estimated at 400,000.

April 2019

Elon Musk procures the service of one million robot taxis (autonomous vehicles) on the routes in 2020. Object of difficulty for entry…

May 2020

The billionaire is worth the value of Tesla’s stock «Trop élevée» and then save up to 10% in a single session, at the largest dam of investors.

May 2021

«You can buy a Tesla with bitcoins», a signposted Elon Musk on Twitter, having reached the destination, justifying this definition by the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. Following Twitter, Elon Musk used all the dogecoin merchandise, cryptocurrency known as a placer.

November 2021

Required fans to buy 10% of Tesla’s actions, Elon Musk increased the interest of more than 3.5 million interns. «These temporal delays, on a buoyancy parity of unrealized gains as a means of tax evasion, are intended to yield 10% of Tesla’s actions. Soutenez-vous cela; » écrit-il. “I respect the results of this poll, which make sense”. About 58% of the respondents answered “Oui”, all of which voted for the rapporteur on the number of jobs for as much as $ 21 billion.

March 2022

On March 14, Elon Musk introduced Vladimir Poutine to a “home-to-home combat”, a suite for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.«Acceptez-vous ce combat; »The demand, especially for an intern, was all serious about their intentions to take over the Kremlin stronghold.

It does not have to finish at the bottom lu

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