Volkswagen can pass Tesla from 2025

Volkswagen needs to overtake Tesla in the window of its electric vehicles in the world of 2025. This is what it says, on May 24, Herbert Diess, general manager of the group, for the purpose of interviewing American television CNBC.

Volkswagen is also installed directly by Tesla

Tesla is a great long-term destination for electric cars. The Californian company, headed by Elon Musk, delivered a total of 936,000 vehicles on its previous course. Well, the 263,000 electric vehicles equipped with the German automaker and other manufacturers are available.

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From Herbert Diess, if Tesla dominates, it is part of which « the more digital car company, which configures some advantages ». In fact, the general manager of Volkswagen did not fail to pass on the objective of his group « is tighter to the Tesla pass and likely to pass through 2025 in a matter of vents ».

Model Volkswagen ID.5.

Presentation of the Volkswagen ID.5 electric vehicle model. Photo: Volkswagen.

To compete with the leader in electric vehicle builders, Volkswagen offers a range of accessible models in a large number of portfolios. In 2020, the company Basée à Wolfsbourg, classify ID.3, the premiere model of a new generation of vehicles operating on electricity. This model, which delays the sales of Tesla electric cars from September 2020 in Europe, will be completed by ID.4 in 2020 and by ID.5 and December 2021.

At the end of the semiconductor screen;

Volkswagen’s ambitions are to avoid obstacles that re-address all automotive companies at the moment. This industry is designed for a field of semiconductors. In both cases, the demand for semiconductors increased by 17%, forcing the constructors to slow down their output speed to the suspension as it enters the Toyota case.

Tesla, at least, attested to the impact of the big pen on a centralized computer system. Whichever way you modify the logic under which the vehicles rotate to accommodate another type of purse when the model is no longer available.

From this quote, Herbert Diess is optimistic. I like that « nous devrions see an attenuation of this situation versus the median of the line. At the second six months, the sector will be in perfect shape – if the situation does not improve ». For this, do not force the end of the peignoir, but let it return to its normal position « the approximate chains are temporarily adjusted in order ».

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