Varicose veins: symptoms, vaccination, duration of illness … can you compare Monkeypox to Covid?

The variegation of the chest, present in the French territory, then encapsulates the question without answers. This maladie provocative quilques similar to Covid-19.

A maladie novelty inquired in Europe: the variegation of the chest, although the Covid page is not completely rotated. England is the premier to sound the alarm. 17 cases have been confirmed in France since May 30 by sanitary authorities. Do you want to break an epidemic? Do you compare the situation with the Covid pandemic? At the point of Fait le.

Common symptoms

The main point of comparison between the two maladies is at the level of the symptoms, but not all of them. Parmi les symptoms common, on retrouve la fire, strong fatigue or sensation of exhaust, high heads and corrugations. These residences have several apparatus several days after contamination (between 5 and 21 days for varicose veins, from 3 to 14 days for Covid).

Suite of these symptoms, the varicella of the chest evolving and provoking cut eruptions, which is not accompanied by coronavirus.

Duration of similar maladie

The variegated duo between two and four semaphores, although Covid-19 is a malignancy whose signals differ in the span of two or three semicircular cases. In general, some malades may still be present at symptoms other than those after infection.

In a press release, the Direction Générale de la Santé (DGS) describes the variegated single as a “resident phenomenon”. Contrary to Covid-19, the incubation period is about five days, which varies from one to another cinq à vingt et un joursaccording to the first analyzes analyzed by our confusing CNews.

What is the mode of transmission?

Contrairement au coronavirus, “le Monkeypox ne se transmitted pas facilement entre les personnes”, confirms Dr Colin Brown, director of clinical infections and emergency health hygiene british security, chez nos confrères de L’Est Republic.

For rappelling, for contracting maladia, it is necessary to end one contact reported with an infected patient by the variole of the chest. To be infected, it must also be exposed to “cut lesions, mucous membranes, respiratory gout, infected organic liquids or contact with a contaminated foot”.

Less contact

In an announcement dated 25 May 2022, Santé Publique France defines the case of contact of the variella of the following manner: “All persons having unprotected direct physical contact with the injured person or biological fluids of a probable or confirmed condition, such as those containing substances which include sexual intercourse, acts of medical or paramedical use, or contact with toilet linen, or contact with, or lint-free textiles) sale utilisés par le cas probable ou επιβεβαιώνει συμπτωματική. “

“All persons having unprotected contact less than 2 meters during such times with a probable or confirmed accidental condition (eg ami proche or intimate, persons participating in the same place without which there is no intimate connection, allow for transport, persons participating in the same office, health or hygiene acts, the same school class, TD university hall, sports club for sports contacts, sports halls, …).

For Covid, Maladie Assurance defines one of these contacts:

A person who has been in contact or has been in contact with a positive person at Covid-19 without measuring protection effectiveness who:

  • a physical separation isolating the person-contact of the case confirmed or probable by two spaces without communication;
  • a surgical mask or FFP2 mask, or tissue mask “large public filtering superior to 90%” (responder to category 1 (Afnor)), carried by the confirmed or probable case or the contact person.
  • having a direct contact with the positive person at Covid-19, face-to-face, up to 2 meters, which corresponds to the distance (example: conversation, rap, body shape contact);
  • having or receiving hygienic acts or acts on a positive (or probably positive) person or Covid-19;
  • having an interior space (desk or living room, personal vehicle…) μενταγιόν for at least 15 minutes continuously or cumulatively in 24 hours with the positive person or being face-to-face with two topical internally.

Other notable differences: Monekypox recent reviews are mainly helpful, but uniquely, with men having sexual relations with men. Although coronavirus touches all categories of population.

Vaccination continues Covid and variety control

To stop the progression, the High Authority of Santé, in a report published on May 24, is positioned in favor of an “active vaccination strategy”.

“It is recommended to feel a new vaccination strategy, which is confirmed: adults should not come into contact with infected people, Professionnels de santé exposés sans mesura de individuelle”, dit-elle dans un announcement. For the time being, do not ask the vaccination staff of the population. Rien ir voir donc ave Campagne de Vaccination Contre le Menée Covid in France.

Countries of mortal risks

In Africa, the main touch of the continent, l’OMS estimated that the severity of mortality is variole du singe se situe entre 1 and 10%. Le Covid, lui, a fait des dégâts fall significantly 6.27 million died in the world after the pandemic debut.=

It’s equally important that previous cases detected in West African countries not being routed through pandemics. In 2003, around 70 cases of varicose veins were identified in the United States, “marking also the first apparatus of this maladie across the African continent”, note the OMS, but not mediated.

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