“undetected transmission” in several outlets

Based on a stable set by the World Organization of Santé on May 26, 257 confirmed cases of variegated single-player reviews in the world at this date. Note The OMS states that “the apparatus of maladia in a certain number of non-endemic states suggests the possible existence of an undetected transmission from a certain tempo”.

Posted on 30 May 2022 on the en ligne des Nations Unies website (ONU info) révèle que “The sudden apparition of the variegated single-stroke coupling in several payloads is not surprisingly present, suggesting an undetected transmission due to certain amplification rates and recent growth events”.

The vast majority of these signals in these four regions of the OMS do not have fixed travel links with an endemic zone. The patient’s agit who are represented in the services of their primary or sexual partner (…).

“Epidemiology goes through the first cases notified to the OMS by pay, since these cases are mainly signaled by homosexuals having sexual relations with homosexuals (HSH)”precise the OMS, in which“a single case of varicose veins in a non-endemic area is considered an epidemic flame”.

The varicella vaccine is newly administered in France in the presence of smallpox.


The varicella of the chest is a rare viral disease, mainly transmitted to the body by the living animals (runners, first). “It is attempted by contact and can only be related by wire measures such as self-isolation and hygiene.”

Symptoms of malignancy include fever, headaches, muscular and dorsal doubles, swollen lymphatic ganglia, fissures and fatigue. Mortality rates are generally between 1% and 10%, with the majority of children being screened in groups of children plus young people living in the World Health Organization.

In the event of immediate action, it is urgent to provide accurate information to those most exposed to the risk of contracting varicose veins. It is also necessary to stop the spread of mallard by any groups at risk and to protect the sanitary agents which are in the first line (…).

Variole / effects

Effets de la variole (photo).

© Image de France 24

Cette maladie infectieuse “Generally benign is endemic to some parties in western and central Africa.” The smallpox virus is rapidly spreading to many parts of western Europe, and has also been detected on other continents.

Cases of infection have been reported in Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Portugal, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and France.

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