Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla … Elon Musk, the entrepreneur and innovator who does not set any limits

“How do you combine?” In est en 2017 et sur Twitter, Elon Musk is not interested in the value of the social network, which he adores. Cinq ans plus tard, the billionaire of 50 years knows the answer: il anoncé, lundi 25 avril, qu’il allait debourerer 44 billion dollars to pour rbuy 100% of the parts. Apart from stars (SpaceX), transports (Tesla, Hyperloop), substructs (The Boring Company), science (Neurolink) or cryptocurrencies, the fortune estimated at $ 219 billion (208 billion euros)), μόνο Forbes, agrandit donc encore son empire. Sur “a caprice”advance of the author Elon Musk: the entrepreneur who changes the world (Eyrolles, 2017), Ashlee Vance, in Politico *.

“The suite generally has its own intuitions, for the better or for the purest.sent his biographer, who qualifies as a billionaire “συν grand premise of risks at the world ». Rien ne serait donc pamundur à ses yeux? On June 28, 1971 in Pretoria (South Africa), the beginning of a mannequin and an engineer, petite-threads of an adventurer, Elon Musk set in a mile long, without obstacles. “Mon père disait:” Vivez dangereusement… en faisant προжност. “Il ajoutait: ‘Il n’y a rien qu’un Haldeman ne puisse faire.’ This is what I crucify and it is most likely to be seen among children.écrit sa mère, Maye Musk, dans ses memoires A woman makes a plan (Penguin Life, 2019).

Elon Musk is 18 years old and beats Canada with $ 2,500 to send a tweet. From Canada, travel across the border and around the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia (United States), to study economics and physics, report Le Monde (article payer). Mais il lorgne plutôt sur la côte ouest et la Silicon Valley, epicenter of “technology” and innovation. The ideal endowment for anyone who wants to à Challenges (article payer) : «Έώ n’aurais jamais can create anything else that I can do. “

In California, the great fortune of the internet. The fund, online, an account (Zip2) and a bank ( that debits on Paypal. In 2002, ahead of eBay’s $ 1.5 billion payment service, Elon Musk reached the $ 180 million jackpot. Sa fortune est faite. Launched all the way into space with the ambition of all revolutionaries. With a conservation space in 2005, the declaration, full of security, the conductors of Arianespace, ILS and Sea Launch: “Dans cinq ans, vous êtes tous morts”. Your Enterprise Space X a year 3 years ago. “Tout le monde lui a ri au nez et aujourd’hui, plus personne ne rigole”, remixed by spaceman Jean-François Clervoy, conseiser of the sector that realized three volumes in the space for NASA. Meme si sa prediction ne s’est pas entièrement éalisée.

Elon Musk’s many failures all fall short of detective Jeff Bezos in the palm of the hands of the richest men in the world: the three SpaceX first flights exploded, Tesla did not produce cars with pendants anonymously. “Entrepreneurship, which is an enormous Russian mountaineering, can not be done at all, without it being all over the place”, analyze Jade Le Maître, businessman in robotics.

For Tesla, in which to invest in 2006, Elon Musk bought the shirt, designed by Business Insider * to avoid perfumes in his office. The eyebrow does not say “thank you”. “Daimler made $ 50 million in May 2009, it would be great. Sans elle, cela aurait été la fin de party”, rappelling about its operations in 2016. For SpaceX, it could be counted on NASA, as the US government wants to save flights on the International Space Station (ISS). In December 2008, NASA announced, on the basis of a Russian SpaceX premiere, a total of $ 1.6 billion to realize double flights to ISS.

“It’s unreachable reversible to NASA’s recent SpaceX shooter even though it ‘s not crashing into space. It’s the biggest NASA fan”, reminiscent of Elon Musk at the 2016 World Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara (Mexico). Chances; “According to me, on arrival there is a level without which Russia can create confusion links with the bonnets that allow them to concretize their projects”, replies Nolwenn Germain, conductor of a console cabinet in innovation and marketing.

“Elon Musk aims at the” disturbed “the world, the one who recognizes when he arrives to save the fouls with him, and what all the world does not want to do, it will not lead the way”.

Nolwenn Germain, Conductor of a Cabinet of Innovation and Marketing

à franceinfo

Aujourd’hui, Tesla affiche a record profit of $ 5.5 billion in 2021 and Space X a signature of the exclusive NASA agreement, $ 2.9 billion, pour envoyer des astronautes la américains.

However, the return to reality can be short-circuited, with this image of the Tesla Cybertruck, presented as inclusive by Elon Musk, and being clogged due to a sharp bulge.

The billionaire car tends to be very large, very small. The risk of deforming reality. The L’Hyperloop, the transport project and the Community high-speed and decompression of the pipe? The Los Angeles premiere took place near Los Angeles at least once more than the estimates made by Elon Musk in 2013, after Forbes *. Neuralink, is the home machine project implanted in the brain? The Jamaican interpretation exemplifies the pouring system so as to evacuate the malignancies, from depression to insomnia.

“It is one who can take advantage of caprices, but only succumbs to an impossible realization.”

Jade Le Maître, general director of special society and robotics

à franceinfo

This is not the end of my ultimate ambition: “create an autosuppressing city on Mars” et “allow humanity to become a special civilization”expliquait-il à Year*. A project that has a number of obstacles in front of you. “What is not human in the concept, confirms Jean-François Clervoy, but at the level of the calendar, which is totally. Promettait in 2017 which will send 40 people to Mars aboard the Starship in 2024. Your suitcase will be capable of being able to fly annually, but other human factors will be more than enough. “

This grandeur is also one of its successive races. “It is priced in gear. It does not have to start a new project or a new innovation in all two, three times, the curtain of credibility”, consider Jade Le Maître. Et si elles ne marchent pas, peu importe: “If it does not work, listen to all the people who become accustomed to it again and again”, clear Nolwenn Germain. But this perfume comes in handy, as for this Tesla conductor died and those 17 other blessed between 2018 and 2021, in the accidents involving “Autopilot”, the Tesla autopilot system. The US Routine Security Agency (NHTSA) has opened an outlet on the outskirts.

Το Ce is not the only promo of Elon Musk that attracts the attention of justice. In 2018, the affirmation in a tweet avoids reducing the funds needed to raise all of Tesla’s actions for around $ 420 per action.

The rates are rising and the gendarmes of the American financial marches are attacking justice. The final determination to do so, according to Bloomberg *: did not raise funds. Justify this tweet, which ébranlé Wall Street, in a meeting or New York Times *, ensuring it was used in a time of difficulty by Tesla. Like Donald Trump, Elon Musk found on Twitter a terrain of the game or the consistency of his actions leading to the move.

For a number of detectors, Elon Musk projects do not resonate with others without any problems. Pire, ils pouring in the creation of others. The premier tunnel of The Boring Company, can be redesigned, can also be found as soon as the Mashable site is deleted *. If the site is officially referenced by safe outlets, the explicit comment on the tunnel will allow it to be released in the event of an accident or eruption.

Celui qui afirme dans Rolling rock * that the climatic change is “the most great menace for which the face of humanity in this cycle should be” it is not a contradiction in itself: it also proposes solutions based on spatial colonization and individual vehicles … well below the level recommended by Giec. Your projects are as coherent as with the definition of freedom, to be saved “The largest number of futures actions possible”as the writing on Twitter.

This individualistic behavior is retroactive in its relations. Elon Musk is described as impulsive and changing. After his two divorces, he asked for his biography: “Combine time by semaphore to consume a woman?”, mention Le Monde. These empathy problems also manifest themselves through management. “In the hall of SpaceX, it is posted: “If you do not come to Samedi, do not return to Lundi” “, rapporteur Jean-François Clervoy. The worktop being applied to all the philosophies used, as well as the following: Tesla has also been set up to avoid licensing a syndicalist, reports the New York Times*. The enterprise was also viewed by the plaintiffs for racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

Εντύπσιακό Twitter, Elon Musk sera directly confronted with a myriad of new rules, different in terms of pay and app stores (App Store, Google Play Store. Saura-t-il “unblock” le “Huge potential” you social network, as the writing*, all in respect; «Je n’ai pas toutes les raponsesdéclarait-il à Rolling rock. I find a set of actions (…) which has a greater chance of leading to a future future. If you have any suggestions on how to do this, please do not hesitate to contact us. “ Up to one platform, millions of people are responding to the appeal.

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