Top 5 Google I / O Employees in Apple

This is one of the games with the biggest announcement: recognizable the experiments part by part. Κremeστό στο Google I / O, if you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

The latest seminar is based on Google I / O 2022, the largest annual conference hosted by developers. The announcements will be heard more than once, but they will not be followed only by the question of Android 13. The newcomers, the macophiles will not soon be able to make any remarkable remarks on inspiration.

Google Wallet

Most profitable offer, it’s a Google Wallet. Après Android Pay, Puis Google Pay, Google a renommé son service NFC and Google Wallet. The inspiration is not only for the name, Apple Wallet (Apple Cartes in French), but also for new functions.

Top 5 Google I / O Employees in Apple

Google searches and drives other encryption elements, such as hotel room keys, business badge, but also identity pieces and conduits in their seats.

Nouvelles interfaces pour tablets

For some reason, Google tends to slice a piece into the surface of the tablet. You are provided without, or without, Honeycomb. Comes the new version of Android that contains the tablets Pe in Peut dire que that Google’s attempts on echoué, car Apple a pris a great distance of advance with iPadOS.

Top 5 Google I / O Employees in Apple

With Android 13, Google is looking for changes in how much they want to experience the iPad. Parmi the functionalities of Android tablets, or the multifaceted facilities which you can use for both applications and new interfaces «pour profiter pleinement de l’espace supplémentaire, which includes YouTube Music, Google Maps, Messages and Encore». We do not want to see all of Apple’s dominance over tablets, but it will be better than just Jamaica. Featured, Google is making a profit for the future Pixel Tablet.

Copier-Colller entre appareils Android

If you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, it will take a long time to copy and paste the keys (Universal copy and paste) between the devices easily. Google does not have a similar function, but it does have some Jamaican function.

Screen capture 2022-05-16 à 11.08.25

The magic wand

Formalize Google for the future smart: la Pixel Watch. Concerning its launch, this connection will be available at the same time as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, so be it automatic.

Top 5 Google I / O Employees in Apple

At the design level, return to this screen as soon as it is round and bombed, as the windshield wipers have the suggested direction. It is complete with a crown. This ring can be viewed without any of the Apple Watch’s record.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 vue de face
L’Apple Watch Series 7 vue de face // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid


On the last one, in Google I / O 2021, Google installs which aspires to the privacy functionality of Apple iOS. All that this annotation has to do with publicity and confidentiality in this aperture discourse this year is also in line with Apple’s discourses.

Top 5 Google I / O Employees in Apple

«Our minimums are given dataA statement by Vice President Jen Fitzpatrick exploring philosophy «Protected ComputingGoogle: «If the donkeys do not exist, others will not be pirated.». Android 13 for controlling applications and information over the phone.

Google and également experiment with controlling the capacity of applications à suivre ce que vous faites. Your Google Account will also provide you with a new “The Advertising Center” which allows you to increase the type of publicity you want to receive. Apple is not radical, but Google can not be used.

Bref, ici on vous a montré a face ορατό από την Google, némanmoins de heous herente de trente minnote de averture étaient riches en nouveautés. Google is an advanced field of domain name, which includes artificial intelligence. For example, le aperture discourse is terminated by a conceptual clip mounting comment on Google’s work on real-time automatic translation. With augmented reality interfaces, Google transcends linguistic barriers with new AR arrows. Oui, the symbol that the Google Glass track is alive – and that all touches everything in a demonstration video.

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