Tomato flu: found in this mysterious maladie that touches children;

This maladie observed in India is essentially the infants of small intestines and sheds a new form of viral infection of the main-pedal. Voici ce que l’on sait sur cette maladie.

Lecture temperatures:
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De quoi parle-t-on;

A new virus, called “flu” or “tomato fever”, has been introduced in India to the last week. Συν 80 cases have been reviewed since last 6 May.

Which are the symptoms;

The effects are seen in the varicella of the chest with large eruptions cut on the assembly of the body, in the form of round and round clusters (of the name «tomato grip», dull extremities and in catastrophies.
The Indian Express, the gears and the mains can also be changed. Many other symptoms have been reviewed: fever, nausea, diarrhea, rash, double articular or even vomiting. Due to the dehydration caused by this phenomenal novelty, the irritations near the bouquet can also be apparatus for contaminated infants.

What are you worried about?

The cases were reviewed for all ages, but the attack was mainly on children aged 5 years. Notes that do not have specific treatment for the virus, in part to relieve the symptoms, but have not been reviewed since. A very small country, but it does not come to Europe, but it does not have a priori extreme grave.

What other maladies do you want to send?

The concepts are insufficient on the subject for the moment but they are at the forefront of hypothesizing a single with the variegation of the chest or envelope of a new form of viral infection of the main legs, very young infants.

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