To discover Mongolian cuisine à Rostrenen – Rostrenen

Myagmarsuren Batchullun, Migaa for faire plus simple, sera l’invitée de la pizzeria Le Kumquat de Rostrenen, jusqu’au 19 juin. Mongolia, elle propose a typical recipe of her pay, les buuz.

Traditionally coupled with the mount of the mouton coat, the boozes (pronounced “Boze”) are lightly heated. Migaa adapted this XIIIe cycle to European conditions. Ορισμένοι are on the way, the other to the legumes. Add a pinch of oily oil to improve their nutritional value.

The conditions are different

«Ici, on ne trouve pas les mêmes spèces de moutons qu’en Mongolie, raconte Migaa. Là-bas, une queue de l’animal peut peser entre 300 grams and 5 kg and good cholesterol content. Beignets are naturally condensed by climatic conditions surrounding -50 ° C. For skins, put the springs in the boiling water ».

Migaa προσκαλεί τον clients à to receive their recipients after transporting food to their home. Concealer of thermal contents for long distances and large quantities. The needles can be condensed and preserved for two months. The heating cone is heated in four or in microwaves, but without steam, even if it is hot.


Elle is present in samedi and dimanche, from mid à 15 h and from 18 h à 20 h. Sauf le 4 juin au soir. A restaurant Le Kumquat, 8 place du Martray à Rostrenen. 06 42 85 12 44.

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