This serpent is the top two most searched sites in France on Google Street View

Le Serpent d’Océan is more visited than the Louvre or the Château de Versailles, at Google Street View. © Hervé PINSON

Buzz sur Tik Toknumber one in a classification Landscapeρεπορτάζ televised and received a number of two of the most visited Google Street View : ces dernières semaines, le Snake of the Ocean n’arrête pas de faire parler de lui.

The notary is a good novelty for the commune Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique)just before the traveler’s being and arriving.

Le maire de la commune de 14 300 inhabitants, Yannick Morez, επιβεβαιώνει: «The Serpent of the Ocean is art in the city, a symbol. Tout le monde m’en parle ». For the sake of convenience, the person may not be able to explain what happened next.

Quand Google s’en mêle

All debut Le Mardi 24 May 2022. Surprise general lorsque Google announces that the opening of the class is nineteen most visited places in France on Google Street View.

The Serpent of the Ocean is returned just above the Eiffel Tower. Aujourd’hui encore, on ne connaît pas vraiment les criteria that ont provokë un pic de frequentation on the virtual navigation site known by the American society.

The top 10 sites les plus vus sur Google Street View in France

See the most popular destinations on Google Street View: 1. The Eiffel Tower, 2. The Serpent of the Ocean, 3. The Louvre Museum, 4. The Arc de Triomphe, 5. Disneyland Paris, 6. The Parc des Princes , 7. Le Sacré Coeur, 8. Notre-Dame de Paris, 9. Le Château de Versailles, 10. Le Panthéon.

The TikTok buzz gives an explanation

Some privileged theories the influence of social networks as responsive to this essay.

Video: at the moment on Actu

To make its debut in April 2022, the Serpent d’Océan avait en effet été la cible d’un buzz mondial on the TikTok application.

The images of the squelette, in the sky, are circular. Some confusing porters are cruising on a reptile. They all imagined the de-conversion of a squelette de Titanoboa. It has reached the largest spike point of all time, living up to 60 million years.


Titanium ?! #googleearth #googlemaps #titanoboa #skeleton

♬ original sound – Shadowdevil_

If the truth has been returned for three years, the continuous information will be transmitted partly in the world, including Indonesia.

By the way, this is Topito media which is classified in one of its 10 balls Serpent as being the most beautiful sculpture in France. Parmi les només, στο lagu également La Vallée des Saints en Bretagne, Les Voyageurs à Marseille ou encore la Catène de Containers en Normandie.

Unniversaire qui se fête

Mais ce fameux φίδι, à quoi μοιάζει με-t-il; Under one of the passers-by, one is trained 130 meters long and aluminum. Στο peut s’amuser à compter les 135 vertebrae of this animal animal. Au rythme des marées, il apparaît et disparaît. The shape of the imaginary animal gives us the impression that the traverses are finally finished to be examined on this beach.

Le 20 Juin 2022, le Serpent d’océan fêtera ses dix ans. Most of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins counts on this anniversary. The ossion of rendering a homage to his creator, the Chinese artist Huang Yong Pingfrom October 2019.

We do not have a Vantage à Nantes reply, which requires maintenance. We all relate to it, but we do not have an event.

Yannick Morez, maire de Saint-Brevin-les-Pins

Sendre en photo dans sa gueule

For Yannick Morez, «the Serpent of the ocean permits to establish a link between the industrial part, with the naval chant of Saint-Nazaire and the sea. From where it is located, you can see the ions, the technology, the pieces that form a serpentine line ». The only wave movement since the Saint Nazaire point.

The favorite of the little ones and the big ones is sendre en photo dans sa gueule great opening. “This is the classic photo”, sourit le maire. Desormais, the Ocean Serpent is a viable net on the net. Toutefois, rien ne vaut la rencontre enédite sur le sable de Saint-Brevin-les-Pins.

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