These groups that manipulate cryptocurrencies using the “greenhouse” technology technology

In May, the cryptocurrency exchange rate Enzyme will be greatly enhanced beforehand, with a very high volume of transactions. A group of speculators with a number of specific properties to ache, all reverse cryptocurrency for their account.

Ορισμένοι speculators agitating the march of cryptomonnies, which actually go through a complicated period. A cryptocurrency does not have to be bonded randomly beforehand: speculators, organized in groups, in addition to launching erasers to gently increase the value of these active numeric groups.

On May 15, a cryptocurrency obscure, Enzyme, also ranged from $ 45 to $ 26 per hour, with a very high volume of trades. Quelques heures plus tard, elle replongeait e elle ne vaut plus aujourd’hui qu’environ 27 δολάρια.

The origin of this movement: a telegram messaging group on which several investors have chosen to take action.

“On the stock exchanges, it is illegal, but the profiteers of the regulatory framework at least as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned”, explains Mircea Mihaescu, from Coinfirm’s specialized company.

On the stock exchange, one of the specific terms for this genre of practice: it is the “boiler room” or the heating technique. It does not need to distill information bundles (and / or increase the number of specific particles to make a subtitle) to grip the current course of the asset (in which it is intended to invest) and to reverse the acceleration plus empo -αξία . New investors, too, will return the most to the slightest after avoiding the most acute. A manipulation of courses interdited on regulated marches but this interdiction does not apply to crypts.

To provide more sample activity on the Enzyme, investors in the Telegram group also used a large public social network, Twitter for free, to include other people to invest in.

“Les whales (surnoms of large investors, NDLR) ramassent plein de MLN (le abrégé d’Ezyme sur les marchés, NDLR), ça vaut le coup d’essayer”, a example tweeted by a certain Cryptosanta.

Enzyme Finance, the society that seeks cryptocurrency, tends to heat the game, invoking the use of “faux accounts” that flow randomly. Even if it is trop tard and from a large number of investors it is launched in accordance with a complete process: it can be used suffixed years before the promissory note is returned and the demand is not met.

A phenomenon that is not isolated

Press all on the car, in these strategies, it is essential to fire very quickly. For the Enzyme, the shutter barrier does not take effect for a few minutes and only when a probability does not arise from the agent being the initiators of the motion. “In all these manipulations, all the money is satisfied,” said one who profits from mounting the course, according to behavioral economist Stuart Mills at the London School of Economics.

The phenomenon is not isolated. The other groups are on the train to promote similar operation in day trains. According to Matt Ranger data specialist, the whole set of actions are launched by the following people before having a solid marketing sense.

“You do not want to create your own line of code”, soul-t-il. The suffix regulates messages that are heard more than by investors in cryptocurrencies, in addition to representing the theme of defaults of large economic institutions.

“On my other roller wheel”

The four conspiratorial theories and their superannuation as well as large American investment funds orchestrated the current cryptocurrency inflow, to accelerate to a good price.

“All coup d’etat, all these unethical behaviors deviant plus justified” with these theories, analogous to Stuart Mills. Car speculators say: “Je suis fait avoir, donc’s mon rol de rolles’s”.

The basis of the demand for cryptocurrencies and the recurrence of rates which in rent rent all of them plus more than these Operations.

“The only orders you get from these people on Telegram or Twitter”, before Matt Ranger. Alors, at one point, without real demand from lamp investors for the cryptocurrency viscous, “all screw”, key-t-il.

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