the treasures of Tunisian cuisine

The cuisine of tunisienne a des influences méditerranéennes et orientales. Varieties and plethora of savers, their embroidered plates are made of traditional Arab, juvenile, Italian or Berber traditions. The soup, the tajine or the tchoukchouka are elaborated with the way, the cheeks or the cheeks, and the guest on the trip even before the first four-piece coupon.

D’où viennent ces plats; Do you think their recipes have been elaborated?

To discover the treasures of Tunisian cuisine and their history, Sidonie Bonnec recoit Pierre-Brice Lebrun, professor of law and writing. He wrote it Petit traité de la boulette et le Petit traité du pois chiche to the editions of Sureau.

Boutargue, the Mediterranean caviar

The boutargue is an elaborate luxury product made from pressed and dried muffins. Else be heard in a trench, on a boot of pain, or ripped for venous release.

Son prix est elevé, car les mulets being qurbanes de la surpêche, it is not possible for two people to do so. Bootargue is a necessary output product a different working mechanism.

You should delicately open the inside of the mule with a container to remove the stuff, without removing the envelope very fine qui les tientet set.

The œufs are present in two grips which are fully charged Nettoyer delicatementdry, squeeze the small holes of the needle, sauté the bottom of the cell, massage and then make a hole and damage in the cell.

After maceration, it removes waste, recovers from a flat plate for the compressor and the apparatuscan exhibit several hours a day.

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