The static fabrication of epidemics and skin for the causes of the cause

Occidental intergovernmental governments, albeit pandemic by predation; DR

Une contribution by Khider Mesloub – Comment on the pandemic to justify and legitimize the modern sanitary-security pronoun accomplished with the means of highly psychological and highly technological conditioning, despite the hysterical construction of the mythological viral gem, which is iki. How to justify and legitimize the acceleration of the destruction of economic substitutions, considered as obsolete from the point of view of the large capital, occultation of the military tensions generalized on a deliberately desecrated basis processing of anxious information in order to achieve a stage of coherence on the background of collective psychosis.

As Hermann Göring, Minister under the Nazi regime and founder of the Gestapo, said:

For the same reason, even though the Covid-19’s being able to absorb any of it by resorption, the governors coming to react the fabric from the diffusion of the invariant scenario – κατατροφική καταστροφή τετριμμένη παραλλαγή by effect laboratory for the cause of the cause -, ce serial killer manacant, according to the metamorphic scene jamaican governments in imaginary court, the humanity of disparity.

According to experts, all of the Omicron variants, as well as their derivatives, are more contagious, but less lethal than the precedents of the highest premiums (notably the Delta variant). Check out the governors, the latest Omicron variant, the fifth, open-ended to decimating millions of people, and comprising vaccinated quadruples. Prevalence of RNA-m vaccine vaccination.

At this point, the declination of the covidal scenario to relate to the viral epidemic, as well as the publicly-regulated media regulating information concerning the launch of an event: or a variety of new ones. Maladie who is definitely radically Croatian. But under capitalism, the flames are not provisionally intended to be resuscitated with more than virulence under a more cruel pathological form (war, crisis, impoverishment, disease, fascism, fanaticism, racism, etc.).

According to the OMS, alarmingly similarly to the Covid-19 pandemic, the detectors were exposed to more than “the iceberg” (otherwise, the fault could not be detected by a detector leaking otherwise). “The iceberg” (otherwise, the fault spreads to a flame of light). Limited measurements installed during the pandemic of the convincing-convincing-19, pandemic, singular variable pandemic.

Did you try to install the total configuration due to varicose veins? Car, according to the written press and the channels of information continuously audiovisual, all the prompts to blacken the picture for the besoins of the cause, the world (parodic) serait confronted with a possible impending “vague epidemic”. «In a film l’impression d’être dans un mauvais, a déploré Delphine Peyrat-Apicella, clinical psychologist and student at the Sorbonne University in north Paris. The media following the epidemic evolution of the variegation of the same manner as those occurring with Covid. The whole risk of having a new surgeon in the population, being broken by two of the pandemic ».

Paradoxically, all media outlets: older people – up to 50 years old – were immunized against the variegated car and were a few times vaccinated in their own way during the 1960-1970 years. In fact, since the late 1970s, notably in France, children have been vaccinated against smallpox. According to several experts, many for vaccination, seniors are able to produce, three years, anti-corpses against the cousin, the variole of the chest.

At present, the authorities of the European countries recommend, in turn, the place of a reactive vaccine strategy beyond the confirmed cases of smallpox virus. Also, several decades after the worldwide production of antivarial vaccines has been reached. The total eradication of smallpox has been officially declared by the OMS since the 33rd World Assembly of Santas in 1980. Since this date it has declined to include more than the first continuous vaccination, complete vaccination vaccination in 1984. Συνέπεια: the vaccine is no longer available for the general public (all five stock available, chemically manufactured, reserved for accompanying personnel).

Also the vaccination strategy recommended by the European sanitary authorities relieved-t-elle of the propaganda. It does not have a handle effect. As with coronavirus, upon pandemic onset, vaccine attack, governors, by calculation, constructively imposing confinement, assist-t-on, exposure to new measures, limiting measures in case of static construction of one the variole du singe;

All in all, according to Camille Besombes, infectious disease and doctoral student in the unit of Arnaud Fontanet «This autochthonous circulation of maladia is completely new. Other news: these things concern the ionic uniqueness of young men. ” Other than that, with Covid, the most beautiful people are the most vulnerable, with the variegation of the chest, which are the young. However, due to the protection of the “old”, the vaccines, the governors create the totality of all the population and the end of the economy. Which of the following do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive? L’Instauration de mesures restriction?

Ainsi,’s shock absorption of smallpox varicose veins, on detection of an authentic vaccine, tel antivariol vaccine, confers a protection of 60 years after its injection. Contrary to the new medical commercial products that the world-class and pharmaceutical mafia has on its way, placed under the label of “embolia” RNA-m. Of course, these “RNA” vaccines, elaborated at the clinic, are in the clinical trials stage, and are designed to counteract the Wuhan virus. According to the specialists, as soon as they see the successive results of contamination, these vaccines do not have to be adapted to counteract the new variants, à more strongly against the variations advertised “profiteering” financier is, without capital from de nombreux «ιδικοί», à l’orée de l’hiver prochain.

Without competition, RNA vaccines would avoid mediocre efficacy. Pire: these products are specific, only some special ones, aux mutations of the virus. Et pour αιτία. Occupational RNA vaccines thus avoiding the specificity of selecting mutations resistant to which they do not decode the single Spike protein (due to a unique site of recognition), in contrast to a non-laboratory type Sinovac vaccine capable of coding . Other than that, RNA-m vaccines are favored, according to the specialists, the apparatus of resistant mutations, that is, the multiplication of variants. As the pastor of the Pasteur Institute, Frédéric Tangy, recognizes vaccines, recognizes:

At this stage, the choice of occupational administrations, upon instruction in pharmaceutical laboratories, acquires the exclusivity of new RNA-m vaccine vaccines, prompted for their specificity of favoring demonstrative lacr. By strategically selecting RNA vaccines with mediocre efficacy, occlusive intergovernmental governments, albeit pandemic by predestination operated by the repair of new variables, necessary only for pharmaceuticals How long does it take to enrich Big Pharma, but does it justify the installation of a sanitary-dictatorship, does the Grand Reset program actually take a long time?

To be honest, according to the doctors, the current Omicron variant (and its derivatives) did not provoke a large amount of rhubarb. I have chosen it only, since the last one, the diminution of the number of decals that is relevant in all countries. All as the number of contaminants.

Having the static pandemic of Covid-19 occurring, the variegation of the constituent chest-the static static epidemic project for the causes of the cause;


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