the practical bonnes for gaining visibility

Laetitia Muré, CEO at Feed Manager

Chez Feed Manager, noted the adapter and manufacturer of product catalogs with compatible catalogs, with full performance on billboards such as Google, Facebook, or marketplaces such as Amazon, Cdiscount, L ManoenceMano… funded in 2010 by Maxime Doreau (aujourd’hui directeur general of Labelium France) and rachetée in 2016 by the international group Labelium.

Which types of companies are mainly Google Shopping addresses?

Διεύρηση αγορών Google’s all the entries for the products to be sold and an e-commerce site. And do not specify this: all entries must be in conformity with the quality of the data and the e-commerce site, which is owned by Google.

What are the good questions to ask before launching Google Campaigns in 2022?

Multiple points are controlled before launching a shopping campaign, a premier aspect technology and a second business:

  • Do I have all the information and tools to send my catalog to Google Shopping?
  • Do you have the capacity to send daily and modified data at least one per day?
  • Dois more tools to automate the need for my catalog;
  • Σχόλιο send quality data to both conformers, but also optimized for the Google Shopping platform;
  • Which object and comment trades in KPI;
  • Is it what gives you KPIs and performance?
  • What budgets do you have for camping, and what is it that defines piloting? ROAS, rent…

A Google Shopping Strategy based on day-to-day flow rates and rates based on platform performance. Which councils are you talking about?

Use Google Shopping, the indispensable asset is the product flow. It constitutes the offense of your offense and is the catalyst of your strategy.

  • A conformal flow is the minimum bass.
  • An optimized flow with a work on your subtitles and descriptions rendered more visible.
  • A flow, plus marketing indications and margins, can effectively improve your performance and most pilots and budgets.

Which are the practical bonuses to adopt to increase the visibility of Google Shopping announcements;

Google’s Nourrissez au max algorithm for vote enrichment and rental and accurate title. For example, if you place baskets, do not indicate only in the title of the model and the brand, but add the personal information to allow you to display them on a precise requirement. The model, the brand, the color, the tail constitute the information which is apparatus in the title.

Synchronize your descriptions accordingly with the algorithm. What are these keywords and what does not matter if you do not use the set description displayed on Google… Replace all attributes that are required by the engine, such as the type, product type, genre , etc.

What about consoles to stop competing in Google Shopping?

The quality of the data sent to Google is the clear demarcation. Most of your data are quality, plus Google you can configure and display your product in relation to any of the competitors, whose catalog is more accurate. A flow of products will also benefit a CPC at least as much as your competitors.

Which consoles do you want to donate to e-commerce that would like to improve their conversion rates? Which elements must be taken care of;

The conversion takes place on the e-commerce site: your product page has to be attractive, engaging and easy to use. My desktop should be simplified and fast, allowing for easy conversion, and this, on desktop as well as mobile. Ecommerce marketers are paying close attention to the quality of their feeds and landing pages.

E-commerce: 10 product optimization suggestions

Are you launching campaigns, which are KPIs to be monitored?

About KPI classes:

  • Impressions: is my product searched and visible?
  • Conversion rates: is that my product is accurate?
  • ROAS or CPA: which is my return on investment or money by acquisition? Which part of the catalog is visible?

Is this part of Google Shopping and your experience? Which channel is the train to replace e-commerce sites?

Google is the leading search engine on the march, concentrating on internet searches. You have a question, you are all on Google. This is a terrible showcase. If you translate to what we know, Google is a commercial center that edits from one boutique or another. But they are in the boutique, or more precisely on the e-commerce site, where the trading takes place. Because Google does not replace the e-commerce website, it is the main channel for creating traffic in your e-boutique. The substitution of the e-commerce site is the disadvantage of the proposition of marketplaces, which concentrates the offers of the brands in a unique platform.

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