the opponent Alexeï Navalny of the new condom, his lawyers interpellated

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A Russian tribunal, led by Alexei Navalny, was summoned to a new prison cell shortly after the coupon reconnaissance expedition and the magistrate were expelled. Imprisoned, the Kremlin activist only purges one or more of the two members and holds detention for free.

The opposite Russian Alexeï Navalny dam nouveau condamné. The Kremlin énopée écopé, on March 22, from a new prison cell in a penitentiary colony of maximum security, has been prevented from being opened by a scaffolding, since it is intended to be a pre-emptive strike .

The young Margarita Kotova indicated that she had a monetary freedom and 1.2 million rubles amende, which cost around 10,500 euros per day.

“Navalny is a scout, he wants to get out of the way by an organized group”, at the same time, according to an AFP Journal present at the tribunal. The building needs to be pruned for “scrubbing” and “offense” by the magistrate.

Opposite most of Russia, 45 years old, it was located south of the very center of its 100-kilometer penitentiary colony in Moscow. “Poutine a peur de la vérité”, at-il reagi après sa καταδίκη.

The AFP reports that the lawyers of the Russian opposition were interrogated after their proceedings.

Alexeï Navalny who purges from taking one foot more than one foot of both hands and holding time for rest, also mounts all of his pieces accordingly.

Repression is accumulating

Fighting reputation floods corruption and the train for Russian elites, Alexei Navalny survives 2020 as a serious empowerment is not President Vladimir Putin in charge. The first debut of 2021, à his return to Moscou, after a long convalescence in Germany.

The last-ditch interviewers were given millions of rubles in various versions of their organizations to fight corruption and “open the tribunal” at the rate of one of their precise audiences.

La Russie is engaged in a tour of the repressive visage of all the voices critical of the Kremlin: ONG, Media, political opponents.

The example of this daringness is even greater after the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, which has taken over the last seminars in Russia blocking large social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and naming media streams.

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