The inventive and elaborate cuisine of Nomaad à Pau

Nomaad, this is the meeting between Adelaide and Alexandre, both complementary to each other’s totally different paths. Restoration for elle, bench and high level sports for you. All of you are passionate about traveling and aiming for good things in life, starting in 2020 Nomaad.

From fun and quality cuisine.

Which belongs to Nomaad or the little Nomaad, who sit right in front of the street Maréchal Joffre, the two associates proposing street food 2.0, cooked to the minute, and based on the same products, all, all and coming from local producers.

Plates for all guts

Suits to respond to all gourmet envelopes, these are varied plates that are proposed by Nomaad. Poisson, Viande, or vegetarian platters which are arranged according to their purpose or place, under the arches of the place Reine Marguerite in Pau.

For more information, click on the Nomaad site.

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