The interest of the real estate in its insurance contract is seen

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With 1 858 billion euros from 2022 (1), the insurance is considered as the preferred product of France. It is another placement that the specifics are all about: the furniture. Hence, you do not have to choose one or more other insurance contracts for indirectly investing in real estate in the form of computing units (UC).


Three types of immobile real estate can be logged in as an insurance contract: SCPIs (civil immovable property civil society), composed of at least 95% of active real estate (offices, companies, centers, etc.) , the OPCIs (collective housing placement in real estate), hybrid placements invested a minimum à 60% in real estate and at least 5% in liquid assets to respond to notation of return requests, the solder being released free of charge by the guarantor of the OPCI (actions, obligations, money…); SCI (immovable civil society), which acquires property directly or through other civil societies, parts of the SCPI or OPCI, coupled functions or OPCVM.

Des atouts…

Invest in these UCs directly from privately owned real estate (as few hundred euros). It also offers a diversified exposure to real estate (in active terms and geographical exposure). It consists of an alternative, plus risky, euro funds account for their potential yield. In 2021, the distribution of SCPI is 4.45%; the annual performance of OPCI by 4.4% and celle des SCI by 3.8%. Passed performance does not result in future performance. With this subtitle, the SCI Primary Capimmo, the largest SCI of the march based on Aspim on 31/12/22 with a net net assets of 6.6 billion euros, a record of a total net net profit of 21%. In other words, liquidity is guaranteed by the attachment, which allows it to recover more easily and rapidly. Fixed, the capital, lui, is not guaranteed. In addition, the fiscality applied to UC real estate has the advantage of life assurance, notably after all. The placement must not be located on the long term, a investment-friendly horizon compatible with the assurance.

… And the inconveniences

All furniture, in the assurance of which is assured according to which contraindications. Dissipating access to UC water available in its contract, limiting choice and diversification; the SCPI can not be credited and / or demeaned. By other means, the SCPI, OPCI and SCI parts remain the same as the casting device, with this subtitle, perceiving a part of the gauges that are generally generated. Up to the inherent fractions in the contract and connected to the UC which can affect the performance of the supports and the value of the contract. As with all placements in the UC, there is no risk of capital losses, losses and returns are not guaranteed. However, in terms of input on the immobilizer fortune, the value on the 1st of January of the UC immobilizer is to be declared.

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(2) Large public real estate funds in 2021 – ASPIM

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