The Intelligent Products Google And Samsung Are Easy Targets For Pirates

Intelligent products whose safety is mediocre creates risks for consumers and companies. Photo: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

Whether it is a sonnet, a Wi-Fi router or a mobile phone, intelligent products are easy targets for pirates, based on a new study of the consumer group Ποια; a troupe.

In the case of water, water; tested apparatus that does not receive more than one security log, leaving cybercriminals free of charge.

A Samsung (005930.KS) The Android Galaxy S8 smartphone, which would have to be charged before its security, in April 2021, an infected logical malicious system that will introduce volumes of données, spams and spas.

The cherries are infected with the malfunctioning Flubot logic, heard in a DHL delivery text, which, in 10 seconds, conducts data from the owner of the telephone, which provides detailed credit card information and credit SMS messages on the Internet.

On Google (GOOGL) Sonnet video Nest Hello, Pirates have been spamming the app with their own queries about who they are. Attracting the user to prevent the sonnet of the recording user from approaching the owner’s home.

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The Liv Cam baby monitor can be placed by the popular brand of baby products, Summer Infant (SOMME), December 2020 but can be found all over the place for online coffee.

The application was sent to the bottom for both in September 2016 and the Poia cherries; to recover the motion of the camera and access the video and audio stream. This product uses an open Wi-Fi network, which means that it is possible to spy on the babyphone, or instead of talking to the child.

What; In order to define the minimum periods, the intelligent products must receive a life-saving safety measure. This allows the production of intelligent products, such as manufacturers, to correct vulnerabilities with one over a longer period.

Rocio Concha, lequel; σκηνοθέτης de la politique et du plaidoyer, a dklaré: «Notre dernière enquête met ev evidens dangers reis posed by the intelligent products of surees of the great technological brands which are not more than suffixemegéscity pro.

«These failures can drive economically important domains – but they also provide the effect that they can also be exploited by domestic aggressors.

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“The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) project is a direction. Of course, the government must ensure that manufacturers and vendors make exactly the right combination of products that receive safe-haven missions – and even more so when introducing decorative laurels of intelligent products will be waiting for a fee.

The PSTI project of the government is currently at almost the same rate as the parliament. In addition to the various safety precautions for intelligent products, the firms must be as transparent as possible while at the same time charging intelligent products when the consumers are superimposed.

What; problems are also encountered with products that are likely to receive day-to-day missions.

A Philips TV (PHIA.SG), which can be viewed while charging with the following misses, has been pirated from a passing mode by default.

What; troubleshooting with an HP Deskjet (HPE) printable jet jet and with an intelligent Wemo prize, which allows all two receivers to reach the day.

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Au total, leqel? there were 37 vulnerabilities on these test devices, 12 of which were classified as high risk and one as critical.

What; shared with Amazon (AMZN), Google, Philips and Wemo, but did not leave any comments at the time of posting. The consumer organization has not been contacted by Samsung and Summer Infant to obtain commenters whose devices are from the official support window.

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