The insurance is progressing in April

The French march is 15% of the home environment in relation to the last period of the latter.

The French security move follows a continuous grimace in April with a net collection of 2.2 billion euros, with an environment of 15% of the ratio during the last period, according to the figures in France Assurers.

«One level after attainment plus 10 years»

«The assurance maintains its dynamic development», S’est réjoui Franck Le Vallois, γενικός σκηνοθέτης του επαγγέλματος της ομοσπονδίας, à l’occasion d’une conference. With the debut of the network, the collection amounted to ,5 10.5 billion, «one level after attesting more than 10 years»On this period, at-il ajouté. Insurance quotas, or deposits, with 12.5 billion euros in recent months, up to 0.5 billion euros in April 2021.

Selon Franck Le Vallois, this «légère baisse»Explained by the fact that most of April counts in 2022 an ounce of less than the previous year. The collection net progress from the same car to the accruals, or rewards, on plus more than the quotations: while on peru 0.8 billion euros per relation with April 2021, à 10.3 billion. The depositors continue to choose the placements plus risks, in units of account, which offer a yield potentially superior to the funds in euros. They remain at an incised level, at 39% of conversions. In total, at the end of April, the securities of insurance contracts reached 1.847 billion euros, with 1.1% over one.

The assurance is more or less the exhausts

According to France Assurers, the dynamics of the insurance is fed by the return plans (PER), a product launched in 2019 within the framework of the Pact to include the French to invest in the economy of return pensions, about 122,400 assured in April. The assurance includes a significant success after the starters in 2021, after being offered in 2020, the French prefer to tour the shelter placements as well as the A.

The Bank of France, for its part, has been engaged in a discussion with the actors of the Security, as indicated by President François Villeroy de Galhau on the occasion of the publication of the Annual Report of the Authority (PRudentsoel). The fact that the remuneration of these contracts must be more just and transparent.


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