the imitation of the Thermomix celebrity is back … and it is not in aura for the whole world!

Lidl lance son “Monsieur Robot” névelle génération. Plus ergonomic and syn dynamics, the competition of the Thermomix celebrity and convincing more innovators in the kitchen, all at an affordable price.

The avit made a recyclable carton above the consumers, Lidl’s “Monsieur cuisine” signaled its great return this week. More ergonomic and more powerful, the perimeter of realize all the recipes in one record time. Teams of pre-recorded video recordings, showing more than one possible price.

The great return of this multifunction robot

The adjoining sign of those who consume malin does not have to finish you. As such, the LIDL catalog suggests the finest gourmet gadgets for chefs.

L’été approche et the five recumbent folders γραμματοσειρά their return in our kitchens. In order to facilitate the life of the French, LIDL sorts out one of its revolutionary articles that allow you to realize an impressive number of pages. Ce best seller review as well as all connu groups, and compete directly with the Thermomix celebrity.

The LIDL will be implanted in France and will be exported one of the preferred designs of France.The German brand suggests a set of food and accessories at the lowest price and not at all challenger the competition. The grand surface a bien compris comments attirer ses customers with its offsets which is not adapted to saison.

More than 650 free and video recipes

In addition to daytime routing, LIDL will provide you with the most commonly adapted boards, practical and efficient, single or all-in-one. À prix douxthis multifunction robot is equipped with this very small LIDL machine.

Functional novelties for an intuitive and simple kitchen of this “Monsieur-Robot” generating novelty for trying to double the kitchen utensils. Up to seven screens, plus reactive and large, saura satisfies the novices in the material.

Plus, its ergonomically designed new level for utilization main a main permettra a reward in main plus simple. Powerful grimper up to 1000 watts, this LIDL robot sevay a means of working two foils plus geese, jusqu’à a kilo of farine in the cousin.

It also has a video helper to enable your selection of recipes. Il reinvente a more complementary cooking style, more sensitive facon. The price tag is imbattable for a robot of this type, which costs 429 euros. Thanks to the fidelity card, you can benefit from a 30% discount even if you pay less, with a very advantageous price of 399 euros!

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