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Lorsque Android 13 arrives officially this year, but we do not want to see a cup of tea mixed.

This does not occur at all due to cerebral edema induced by heat and / or skin secretion – not internally, in all cases. From this point of view, this new source of confusion is provided by the fact that most of the accumulation and anticipation, the latest and the latest version of Google’s Android are not reassembled for the majority of organisms Android.

The whole screen, if you will, is what it’s all about: for any person carrying a phone that uses the latest Android 12-way logic, Android 13 sounds like an invariable change of subtly press,. niveau.

This does not mean that Android 13 is not significant. Last but not least: Android’s day after this year can be one of Google’s most crucial plate-changing versions and the rare achievement of changing the plate-cap capability in une perspective plus great.

However, paradoxically, the symbol of more or less that the effects of this impact are almost invisible for the plumbing inside of us, simple mortals on the phone. Consequently, while Android 13 apparatus is relevant in your patches later, your first reaction is probably what the genre chose: “Attendez, c’est κε;! »

It is a historical operating system in a single type of dual identity which means that there are not many operating systems on Android. But you have to wait a few minutes to comprehend what is going on, you want to be able to see what is not happening – and what is most likely to be retrieved by retrieving your suspect and couple in confusion.

Identity Android 13 n ° 1: le Côté significatif

On the whole, one of the most important contexts: the Android cycle of this year is inhabited before Android 13 enters the scene.

In October of Année Dernière, as many as after the arrival of Android 12, Google announced the development of a new “functional suppression” Android app that appeals.

The day-to-day messenger, which is terminated and switched off by a set of devices in late March, is essentially a 0.1-way Android messenger – from Android 12.1 or peut-113m-0.wheel is more precise (et peut-être juste un peu αυθάδης).

Come Android 13, Android 12L that does not look like a personal avec and Android Moyen phone. It’s always had a bunch of small adjustments and experiments to experience on Google Pixel devices – the main products that it says – but also part of the genre of subtle choses that even one person once «tuned in once ‘attention à digérer.

Encore une fois, continuous, Android 12L is important – supreme. It is essentially a stage parallel to the creation of foundations that live on the bases of which Android 13 is at the point of completion. And this is all new to the look and feel of Android in a large screen environment.

For tablets and also portable phones, Android 13 and its frame frame in 12L serration load transformer. The logic introduces a relatively optimized interface for use on a large screen, with different elements on different screens and a multitude of new multilayer tools such as bureaucracy, compression, compression, chromatic application do not import or use glides to create a partial screen configuration at will.

Android 13 Google

Out of stock – and more important – Android 13 creates all the new efficiency Category of Google Save devices. The logic is available in a series of functionalities that allow the tablets to be treated as if they were partially separated apparatus, with an access to a specific ensemble that accompanies the tablets and signals on their own.

Signs suggest that the future Google Pixel tablet will explore these possibilities and fire like a new hybrid mashup type – a crop inside a smart gonfle screen and a traditional tablet that does not resemble atrejd’atre.

Et tout cela est dû à Android 13 and aux concepts introduced by the operating system.

Mais alors il ya le other android 13 – the one where every person owns a non-floating phone is sure to be ready.

Et bien…

Identity Android 13 n ° 2: le côté subtil

Use the latest beta versions of Android 13 on my Pixel 4a phone to decompose several remaining seminars, and then you can: in the assembly, the logic resemble, every sent exam and agit2.

This is often due to the fact that it is chosen as a proprietary telephone owner, not obsessed with technology and in the search for details, leaving a real difference as far as the reception is concerned.

Shipping, it is possible to search Google for additional add-ons in Android 13 of the final version. is origin assumed that this condition is undeniably due to the subtlety of the logic modifications on the front of the phone.

Generally, the beta version that Google presents when I / O conferencing ends up being similarly sacrificed to anyone who is delivered more than once a year. And more or less, the symbol that the most large impact of Android 13 is all that is attached to this large screen of the Android ecosystem.

To clear: on the front of the phone, and the absolute aura of improvements. For example, Android 13 allows you to slide a notification to the base in your main screen area to open the associated app in a shared screen state – a touch screen that allows the impression to be output beaucoup plus natif and prominent part of the exploitation system.

Mais soyons honnêtes: la plupart des gens ne le remarqueront jamais ou ne seront jamais conscients de son ύπαρξη. One of the best ways to enhance your Android 13 hood – the remarkably intimate privacy and security enhancements that come with Android encoding plus efficiency to protect your data and secure your app.

This genre of choses is present in virtually all Android-based misses, and is a big part of which Android-enabled misses are absolutely as important as you ne sont pas excited by what is on the surface.

However, it is impossible for any of the surface elements to be attached to ordinary mammals visible and associated with a new logic. And with Android 13, many different images: which offers dramatic change, day and night,’s front of the tablet and opening the door to a whole new type of Android experience with a sour sour discrete disc phone and drum beaker to make Android fans flat.

It is not uncommon for us to have a single message logically before identifying radically different identities at the same time as each other. It is a decision made by Google on the part of the one who pours out his shirts in addition to diverging on his Android’s in the air.

For the instant, one choice is sure: the arrival of Android 13 this marks the debut of an air novelty for our plate-shape in constant evolution, even though it can be reached. se sentir complete without coherence for the plume of our entrails at this moment.

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