The full range of services and guarantees in your card…

The security guarantees of the bank cards

These guarantees are mainly provided for all of your deployments, in France or abroad. If the guarantee helps medically and repatriation if the voyages are one of the most comprehensive, there are also other types of guarantees. Under insurance guarantees, also return:

Travel guarantees online

Medical assistance and repatriation of luggage, baggage or luggage, cancellation of voyage in the last minute or even incident or interruption of the trip: you can take these guarantees to request the refund of your late tickets.

Neige and montagne warranty

This guarantees that you will not only protect yourself in the event of a ski accident or accidental cracking of the material.

The guarantee of civil liability to the foreigner

If the civil disposition guarantee is generally included in your Multirisque Habitat Assurance, you will generally not be able to cover it. A specific guarantee of your bank card can be added to your cover.

The warranty or volume of the location vehicle

Do you have access to your location vehicle? This guarantee can be provided on relays to avoid imprints.

The guarantee achats

In case of de-determination or volume of an object that you have access to with your bank card, the repair or replacement can be charged, under conditions, by the security of your bank card.

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