the electric pick-up can not be more than reserved in France!

It is not possible to pre-command a Tesla Cybertruck on other marches as far north as America. Less chances to see the electric pick-up unloaded rapidly in Europe unmistakably.

Souvenez-vous, τον Νοέμβριο του 2019, Tesla announces in a big pump Cybertruck, its electric pick-up in a dignified style of a science fiction movie from the year 1980. The American firm promotes the safine type in production 201 l’Appui. To pre-order pre-orders for your user search just for France, do not require interested clients who have a reimbursable receipt of € 100. After both, the number of reservations through the world exceeds a million. Or, report before the report, the Tesla Cybertruck is still present for debut 2023. Et Tesla does not offer plus bookings for its Cybertruck pick-up outside of North America. However, the vehicle has been presented in an evolution plus through the series to the United States.

Le Tesla Cybertruck arrivera-t-il in Europe?

Το Tesla Cybertruck goes straight to the point of view of the Tesla’s French Internet site, in view of the possibility of booking a disparate exam. Only a presentation of the vehicle and pictures. As a gift to Tesla, there is no official communication in the company with this policy change. When you order a new order, the clients who make a reservation at a favorable rate. Because pick-up does not differ from site to site, it can be traded in France, and more globally in Europe. Toutefois Elon Musk, the director of Tesla, the director of Tesla is necessary for a new version of légèrement différente de l’auto par rapport au American model. Even if you have a number of projects on the Tesla course, not to mention a range of interior models that are more or less adapted to the European course, the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck on Vieux du Continent at least continental continents.

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