«The cuts are in the kitchen where the adjectives are in the phrases, adding sense, relief, new dimensions on the plate»

I hate the passion of the mother, who puts the pieces in a design given their debut at the age of 2000, even though it works like business developer for press and communication groups for artists. The Alibibi appellation society, located here on the outskirts of Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, in a very souk.

My beau-père, passionate of the desert, mounted like with elle, and it is insuffled on this metal floor of perfumes, perfumes and colors. I take care of all the cuisines, but, like me, I like the simple things: poissons, volleys, secrets… Elle transmits the Culture of the Relatives to me. All semenes, prepared by example with a chili cone, and challenged on the paint. My father is also a cook and traveler. When I do not move at my own pace, it is helpful to send it out in order to reconsider the products.

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When I try to retry, I do not want to fall longtaps, à mon mari et à moi, to decipher the flame of the epicrets, without having to identify them. Charles is a carpenter and engineer, but he builds himself to convert and work together. In a nommé la société Nomie, the suffix qui means “art de mesurer” (e.g : “Gastro-nomie”), and in a simultaneously launched a recipe blog, “Gratinez”. The idea is to evaluate the competence of the lecturers for the subjects around the epics. What we want to do is to build the project, to reflect on our sourcing, to comment functionally on the chefs and the world of restoration.

In the continuity of this proposition, on the other hand, a set of recipes is created, with the idea of ​​reviving the plates of the dish: pickles, vegetarian recipes, pies or a line of inspirations mis’ is also to explore vaste univers of ingredients both aromatic and. The cuts are in the kitchen where the adjectives are in the phrases, adding sense, relief, new dimensions on the plates, which is very exciting.

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Aujourd’hui, about the 400 references of pieces, not more than the mixture of mixes are originally, at the base of cups, racks, grains, also alloys, cups or fruits, especially fan of smoked paprika, made from really mango powder, du dukkah, which is an Egyptian mixture of grains and torpedoes.

But my newest passion, this is macha salsa, is a recipe for colored olive oil originally from Mexico, composed of fresh fruits and fried flour, and possibly coquettish and spicy fruits. With Carlo Moreno (@ paris.mexico), noisy avones has a tropical elegance with anchovy and chipotles pimples, cajou and amandes nuts, pine vines and mangoes cut.

In Mexico, it uses all the sauce for the dishes and the tacos, but it is placed on the crucible, for example, on a body in the carcass. Poisson is a genius base for encyclopedias and is also a family clinic where my mother lives in Brittany. These are the saviors who live, work and play.


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