the conductors pertaining to the assemblies

Different combinations of vehicles are driven every year on the passage of Gois, between Beauvoir and the island of Noirmoutier, in Vendée. The pumps have been decommissioned by quota interventions in 2021 and four after the start of 2022. All the doors can be secured to the person, the water being a high drop to reheat the coil.

In this case, even if the car and cell can not be fully swallowed. «As a function of the coefficient, it can be removed from the other side of the canal, in the case of Goisεκλεκτός Jean-Yves Billon, maire de Beauvoir-sur-Mer. On a regular return, it is almost always at rest, and after a long time. »

There are those who attempt a forced passage through the mounting bracket. Et …

Buyer. Speed ​​bumps on the Gois: the conductors can close the assemblies

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