the complete test of the sporty electric SUV

100% sporty version of the Model Y, the Tesla electric SUV affirms its clear ambitions: dynamism, all efficiency. Alors, que vaut-il au quotidien; Voices about Tesla Model Y Performance.

Imagine, an electric SUV rotates both towards utility at the rear, and the dynamism at the engine. Console for all family sorts, and for small sorts laid out solo. It’s all that is intended to be named Model Y Performance, all sorts of Berlin. The top model Tesla product in Europe, at the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, is the author of the most specific. Design, comfort, performance, autonomy… It is a part that will give you the best performance of the Tesla Model Y Performance.

Le Tesla Model Y Performance c lookté look: SUV Familier

Auxiliary car lever Propeller, you can unload the Model Y without going through any of them. We return to the day after the “sporty” departure of the family SUV, partly a departure from Berlin. What I do not change: style. Our Model Y Performance preserves the design of the Model 3 “SUV”, considering all the curves. With my compact and large SUV, it is 4.75 m long for 1.97 m wide. Dimensions all of the same genera, attenuated by the delivery of the Black Noir of our model year. The proportions are higher than flats that our Performance version is generally discounted and chassis of 21 pairs. A detail for the SUV plus flatteur que son counterpart Grande Autonomie, unique available in 19 or 20 bags.

Package performance: übersportiv !

Installing the Model 3 Performance, the Tesla Model Y Performance for any sporty outfits. From the aesthetics to the performances, the dotting of the series includes:

  • Jantes Überturbine from 21 bags
  • Aileron and fiber de carbon
  • Aluminum pedals
  • Abaissée suspension
  • Freins Performance
  • Point speed of 250 km / h (continued 217 km / h)
  • 0 à 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds (continuing for 5 seconds) push 30 cm

The other petites specificités, unique appearances on the models Made in Berlin for instant, you are rendezvous. On note by the presence of a rigid rear wound, as well as crochets in the cover. At the front as at the barrier, the swings evolving and offshooting a lateral retaining support with boards plus enclosures. Enfin, the XP7 commune serial number for Berlin, plus 5 YJ (Fremont) and LRW (Shanghai). Passers-by also benefit from the double glazing of the Tesla Glass, as this is the case with the Shanghai Grand Autonomy Edition.

Vie à bord: high-tech ergonomics

On the board, the Tesla Model Y Performance is all on a large touch tablet with 15 bags. This is where office board and multimedia interface come into play, without oversizing the integration of controls and parameters of the vehicle. After the instrumentation, no flywheel meters on the flywheel all the large touch pads can be used. As the adepts of physical commands (your waiter at a party) μετανιώνωρισμένους συνδεμένους συνδελές σώματική διάπλαση says that for the climate, force is the constructor that the ensemble contributes to an environment specially observed in the habitat. Two buttons with handles on the flywheel, two handles, and the supplied tablet are all controlled. Not only does it look brilliant inside, but it also looks elegant and futuristic. Mention the specialist or processor AMD Ryzen derrière l’écran, do not say plus geeks estimate the liquidity to be supplied sous les doigts.

Mobile application: control of overall and Sentinelle operation

It’s part of the Tesla mobile app, which means that it does not attach any instant. Once installed and associated with the vehicle, the app also offers total control over our Tesla Model Y Performance. It is possible to lock and unlock the car, or turn on the air based on the number of windows. Ο Μέme επιλεξε το pour l’ouverture et la fermeture du coffre arrière, et le coffre avant (uniquely ouverture). Programming of ventilation, demarcation, and adjustment of speed limit are also proposed. Αναφέρειτε το ιδικό au Sentinelle mode, monitoring the vehicle windings and using the megaphone in real time. Very effective, the application is designed to be fully reactive throughout its use. On a notary that connects to a low-risk network of small fluctuations and latencies.

Comfort and habitability: Haute Capacity

The Tesla Model Y Performance can be used in enclosed plus mounts, thanks to their optimized lateral support. Conductor and passers are all installed. Each passing path of the mile feels like a “boss” at least controllable, as is the case. The electric SUV does not shrink, but remains very loose most of the time in the material. Heureusement, planner plat and hauteur in pavilon offrent a habitat of premiere order for all family. The space on the wheels is very important, as well as the comfort at the level of the knees. The load volume is 117 liters per liter for the front and 854 liters per barrel. In total, at least 2 158 l are available when the next steps are discounted! Pre-flat, the planner is ready to cut the Tesla Model Y Performance into a small utility compartment at the base.

Electrical performance: functional or sporty?

How many of them are there? Under the hood, the Tesla Model Y Performance is powered by an integrated Dual Motor transmission. A total power of 377 kW (510 ch) at 660 Nm per pair. In practice, these Values ​​are translated by a very fast acceleration: 0 à 100 km / h and 3.7 seconds. Output performance more impressive than that of 1,995 kg of electric SUVs. In particular, if the departures are reached we “feel” the poles of the vehicle, this sensation will reach 50 km / h. With the acceleration regulated on Sportive, reactivity and relevance are rendered in all conditions.

In real condition, departures and insertions are not subject to any examination. However, the presenter is impressive when it is on board an SUV. The maximum speed of 250 km / h is also reached without a trop of force (on the closed route to be recorded). Pass the “kick” for electrical operation, the Model Y Performance evolving all in silence and in silence. A very approximate comfort also falls within the family as all ballads are played over the weekend. At normal temperatures, in Standard Privilege mode, plus suffix for all days.

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Behavior and maneuverability: masterful sportsmanship

Doubted performance of one behavior and one stage comfort with sporty attributes of the bet! Contrary to the Great Autonomy model, we all look for sportiness and dynamism. A built-in character with low suspension and 21-pound performance belts. On the flip side, Tesla surprises are almost unanimous: they do not actually belong to the club party even if one is frowned upon. It is with regret that your essayer adheres to this club after being farmed. A small floor plan in one of the irregular sidewalks leading to the suffix all of which is carrier. Désolé Tesla! Oberturbine, which is the most vulnerable class, having at least one of its own, is completely perforated. Inevitably plus farm, not Y left remaining attenuable confortable only when attacked, without Jamaican sautés still on a rolling pin.

The sole connection is provided by Pirelli P Zero PNCS from 255 mm. There are also silent shutters that turn the SUV into bitumen. In full acceleration and even in the application of virages, the roll is almost non-existent. Only the direction adjustment relative to the resistor at the flywheel, depending on the mode selected. Finally, the only point where the SUV gauge trajectory is the high-speed braking. Performance brakes are adjustable in efficiency, but generate a predetermined fluctuation at braking speeds of up to 200 km / h (tightening). A problem that does not arise at all times, for example. In the assembly, the sporty character of the Tesla Model Y Performance is present and present, and matched.

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Autonomie et recharge: example of efficiency

To finish, parlons autonomy. The Le Tesla Model Y Performance is equipped with a 77 kWh battery (82 kWh bruts). To announce an autonomy of up to 514 km, for an average consumption of 17.3 kWh / 100 km. If not at all, not even Tesla is fully aware of the values ​​announced by the WLTP protocol. At speeds of 0 à 100 km / h and other speed points (on your breakdown, it does not have to be more than what it takes to measure, the battery gauge is not at the bottom, without counting the tires and brakes!), and respectfully scrupulously speed limits on our mixed routes, voicii our results.

  • 16 kWh / 100 km with Standard acceleration
  • 508 km environment and Standard acceleration
  • 17 kWh / 100 km with Sportive acceleration
  • Environment 479 km with Sportive acceleration
  • 20 kWh / 100 km in sports conduit + depots

Note that not only is the Model Y: Differential range plus effectively the electric SUV segment! Recharging Côté, the Tesla Model Y Performance accepts volunteers superchargers up to 250 kW. It takes approximately 241 km to reach 15 minutes. On a long course, they correspond to a simple à a little pause, and this part. With 100 stations and 1,000 points with charge in France, and à a price average of 0.46 € / kWh in France currently, the recharge is fast and economical. Also, an 11 kW loaded charger for home storage.

Tesla Model Y Performance: with price 66 990 €

The Le Tesla Model Y Performance is € 66,990 (serum bonus). In Black Uni (+1 190 €), our test model is priced at 68 180 €. As with Tesla, most of the additional options offered are complete. The panoramic image is integral to the inclineable rear seats, but is not grand-choice to be added. Only the black and white interior (+1 190 €), the friendly Autopilot (+ 3 800 €), and the autonomous duct (+ 7 500 €) are available. Enfin, a crochet pad weighing up to 1,600 kg is available. With clarity, difficulty of justice and effective and plus the efficiency of the surle segment des SUV sportifs familiaux. And “only” € 4,000 more than the Grand Autonomy model, for deliveries until 2022 according to the configuration, the Tesla Model Y Performance is prompted for a great success at the moment of passing the command.

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