the Chef Catalan Julien Montassié steals the only star opposite the Michelin Guide 2022 in Occitanie

The restaurant “La Coopérative”, à Bélesta dans les Pyrénées-Orientales, an obtenu cente année anétile verte au Guide Michelin. It is the only one in Occitan to avoid removing the label that compensates for the slightest, eco-responsive bearings.

This is the terrace, which can be as large as the kitchen, which Julien Montassié has taken as his Michelin star. By a constant search for seasonal products, bio and harvested for at least 50 kilometers of Belesta location.

Matin-là, Julien est à Alénya chez Sylvère qui est maraîcher et dans la serre, ils degustent des fraises.

The phrases at the moment, are used internally with small points. Elles are car parity or a good balance between acidity and sugar.

Julien Montassié, Head of Cooperatives in Belesta.

Julien ne va pas tous les jours, lui-même, chercher ses products. But in the beginning, the relationship with the local producers is essential.

“On board search you go well with Sylvère on parle le même langage. Στο veut des products: bio, bons et de saisons. Et tout cela devient amical” explique le chef.

As a manufacturer, it is up to a chef who wants specific products. On parle, on fait des essays, on tests. It’s motivation.

Sylvère Fourriques, mayor à Alénya.

Michel Troisgros and Gilles Goujon, 31-year-old Julien Montassié, are the 2020 chef at La Cooperative, the restaurant of Bélesta. Exigencies that will and will not be valued at the moment really impose a permanent invention.

In the chef’s day office, Catalan products. Elne’s petites, fractions and olesons of Alénya, and of Canet’s seat.

On our platforms with top products that offer manufacturers and suppliers.

Julien is not one of those chefs who cooks in the kitchen. The vision of an eco-responsive work does not extend to the operation of the personnel and to the organization of the work.

This year, the restaurant offers 2 services per month, per semester, which reduces the pace of weekly work in 4 days.

The restaurant “La Coopérative” is not open because the market is so medium. It is located at the Riberach Hotel, located in the Belesta Cooperative Cave Chain.

Το L’étoile verte is an annual award which takes advantage of 2021 samples in terms of durability. 6 restaurants in France are now distinguished in 2022. The Cooperative is the only one in Occitanie.

This compacts restaurants and chefs who are held accountable for their ethical and environmental norms. They work with suppliers and ethical products to avoid decks, and to do everything possible to eliminate plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their approx.

Inspectors looking for what is at the point of durability, having the following criteria:

  • Food items
  • The use of local and seasonal elements
  • The ecological design
  • Processing and recycling of general decks
  • La gestion durable

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