The assurance of the deflector is extremely high at the risk of grimaces

From Wednesday, June 1, the new immovable printing presses will change the supply whenever it is needed.

This is a small revolution that will take place on June 1st, in the real estate credit. The improvers shall be resetting their insurance at any time and not more than once the date of the cut. For the time being, when measuring new contracts, specify the amount of 28 February. For couriers in the course, the fauder present on 1st September. The objective is to take into account the ways in which competition takes place, as for credit rates, in an assurance course dominated by 88% by … banks.

The French were willing to negotiate (re) negotiate the prices they needed even with the insurance company. The failure rate – between 0.05% and 0.3% for primers between 20 and 50 years – without having to cut through the improvers that the game is not on the chandelier. Error! Car, in the context of interest rates that remain, very low, very low (1.5% at 20 and 1.75% at 25 and in the inflation of the environment 5%), the security forces in the total loan amount , ne cesse de grimper. Client savings can be denominated in millions of euros. Also, a couple of trainees who invest 215,000 euros versus 20 and 1.5% (100% insurance on monsieur and 50% on madame) can save plus 12,000 euros without any security.

As such, this newcomer adjusts the immobilizers. However, as soon as these leaks occur, their enthusiasm risks rapidly turning short. Car resilient at all moment of assurance of a company of a surprise surprise. In the end, the deputies of the National Assembly were also voted in favor of the suppression of the questionnaire. Measuring only concretes of 200,000 euros per imputator (up to 400,000 euros for a couple with a supplied rate of 50% per head) and the printers aged at least 60 years.

+5 euros per month for a price of 25 years

It does not burn, it does not dry when it does. Bien au contraire. The health questionnaire, which is filled by the installer at the moment of depositing a credit demand, is considered by the improvers as a contour. Shortly, the suppression of this document is seen to allow πληθυσμοί εύθραυστοι and even when you can get a real estate loan more easily. But this good news in cache a mauvaise. «

If the santa questionnaire is suppressed, the aura attachment plus the means of storage are if you are sneezing or sagging

», Headed by Astrid Cousin, from, employer assurance comparator.

Also, the insurance rates are higher if you are on the move as if you were carrying them. This will only increase by 200.000 euros per month. To finance this gauge, the risers risk increasing the insurance rates for the bearing bearings. «

Les Professionnels anticipent une hausse includes between 20% and 25%

confirm Astrid Kazin.

This solidarity logic is used to detect counter-productivity by resetting the process to the client’s own sound without antecedent

». For a price of 200,000 euros out of 25 euros tuned to an impressor of 40 years, this increase represents a surplus of 1500 euros in 25 years and only +5 euros per month.

For remediation, the expert in assurance recommends «

to sort criteria

“Questionnaire repression concerns”

benefit from an insurance rate adjusted to your profile

». «

You can increase the assembled quotation mark of the bonnet as if you were a couple, add a working envelope or your own space to allow more and also pass the burden of 200,000 euros

s (left to suppress the health questionnaire)

or try, without exceeding the legal limit of 25 years, over a longer length

», Conceille Astrid Cousin.


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