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France Assurers, the French Bancére Federation and Syntec ring the alarm bells on the appropriate proportion of women in the mathematical threads, all of which have branches facing an engine pen.

Detricoter the tax reform operated in 2019 par excellence minister Jean-Michel Blanquer : the question of interest to the presidential candidates but also to the professional federations of the bank, the security and the engineering which is satisfactory « promote qualified work in France », Title of a blank book which was presented at the press on February 9. France Assurers, FBF and Syntec without alarm also presence of young people in scientific and technical fields. A bias in the orientation that is not aggregated since mathematics is not more than an option in the upper class. Also, the bench and security meters are made up of engineers and actuators issuing these filters. Without counting innovations imposed by the digital transition in terms of recruiting data scientists, cyber security specialists and artificial intelligence.


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