The arrangements of arranging an external kitchen

Arrange a functional outdoor kitchen with a barbecue

The arrangement of an external kitchen constitutes an alternative to limit the alloys and vents between the interior kitchen and the terrace or the garden. In addition to their own installation, you must take into account the tools and equipment that make up your cooking space. Press all kitchen appliances to fit outside kitchen. You can choose your own way to an oven, an electric or gas stove and / or a pizza place. Ανεξართτη, the installation of a barbecue reveals an interesting alternative. You must leave the choice between a gas, charcoal, or electric model, all of which are free of charge accordionyou besoinsyou preferences and you budget. You can find a barbecue that complements your outdoor kitchen on BricoPrivé. In addition to the cooking material, these platforms provide accessories such as grilles, perforated to optimize their use.

Install a resistant work plan for an outdoor kitchen

The plan of figure work is based on the main elements of a practical and functional kitchen. In addition to the design, this space does not have to offer one comfort of use optimal, notation in terms of lighting and dimensions. As the kitchen is constantly exposed to different climatic conditions, the work plan must be resistant. It also needs to be hygiene. Also, it is designed to be made in concrete, granite, corrugated, pierced or marble. No matter what the nature of the exterior kitchen, the work plan must be adopted, provided the substance is adapted to an exterior display. The peat is made of exotic flowers, du chine, du bamboo, du frêne ou du hêtre. Depending on the space available and your exterior, you can integrate the work plan into the central or semi-central area.

Place instead of an oven for your outdoor cooking

All in the same way as the work plan, it is also a piece of equipment that exhibits climatic conditions and exhibits long exposure outside. Accordingly, when arranging your space outside, you get a design that is robust. The selected material must resist gel, temperatures and temperature changes. Consequently, l’inoxthe ceramic, la resin et la pierre are recommended. The stainless steel is easy to vibrate so that the piercing is cut for its aesthetic aspect. The ceramic, which is large, has a high resistance to tempo and pressure, causing sensitivity to the screws. If the design is based on auxiliary criteria it must respond to your own, regardless of the exterior kitchen, orienting your choice to a model in synthetic resin. Cherry concrete can also be a sufficient solution for an outdoor kitchen. This material conforms to modernity with your agency, but it does not open well.

Wherever you may be outside cooking, you must take into account the fixing of robinetter elements such as robinet and feeders. You must also tune in to a particular feature reconnection of water arrivals et au discharge of used water evacuation.

Position arrangements for an outdoor kitchen

Facilitating the use of the outdoor kitchen is essential, the installation of posters and plates is essential. Le number et la profondeur arrangement spaces for your arrangement essentially dependent on the handles you want to run. If the impellers have impellers that require deep furniture, the small accessories such as covers will find their place in the beams. If your kitchen is centrally equipped, optimize the space in order to integrate the posters that font in your office for practical arrangements and decoration. Coins can be dissipated by sliding vertical beams. For the choice of material, you must find resistance to the design.


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