The AMD Ryzen tropical chaffe, Tesla with over 130,000 cars to avoid a screen malfunction

Goodbye Intel, the son of CPU Atom is a replacement for CPU Ryzen with AMD, in addition to features and capabilities. Eventually, the CPU drives a surcharge that overflows the central screen of Tesla model doors.

After launching the new Tesla Model S and Model X in 2021, the construction of America is a choice of new processors that want to increase the infotainment system. Adieu Intel, which replaces AMD and the Ryzen processor, in addition to the features.

The passage from Intel Atom to AMD Ryzen gives a fluid coupling to the interface. This is what we will observe on the Model Y, for example. What is the communication appeal to MCU about Tesla, for Multimedia control unit, corresponds to the advertising information system affixé sur l’écran central des véhicules de la marque. Το 2022, now in the third generation of MCU, based on the Ryzen d’AMD platform.

130,000 cars raped in the wake of a traffic problem

In short, Tesla raped up to 130,000 cars in the event of a problem driving a processor overflow or injector during rapid loading, which could be driven by a non-defrosted drain. Tesla will be able to deploy a message up (via OTA) on May 3 to resolve the issue of the vehicles concerned, including the Model 3 and Model Y 2022, as well as the Model X and Model S 2022 and.

The report is referenced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the US Federal Reserve Chargée de routine security, more details available. The problem arises when the battery is conditioned before a fast charge, just before reaching the Supercharger or another fast load.

As indicated by the NHTSA, this problem may prevent the conductors from using their rechargeable camera from shifting to a tactile screen, as well as adjusting the speed of their glaze. Since the sample of the problem is not clear, the NHTSA indicative of less than one cent of potentially potentially related to this problem. At the moment, this is a problem that does not cause a blessing or an accident. When requested by others, OTA’s need to adjust the problem or return it to a repair shop is necessary.

The use of AMD Ryzen has been criticized. However, some of the conductors observe a limitation of the autonomy of the vehicles equipped with the Ryzen processors in relation to the Tesla suppliers supplied with the Intel Atom. However, this study did not accurately demonstrate the impact of this processor on the global consumption of the vehicle.

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