Tesla’s boss is not a plus plus a red arrow to follow Twitter

Coup de teatre dans le rachat de Twitter για τον προστάτη του Tesla Elon Musk. You can keep the number of free accounts on the social network before being all over the table.

Every day, Elon Musk surprised everyone by officially announcing the launch of the Twitter social network. The details include the financing of the operation, thanks to the sale of a portion of its assets, the location in place of new loans and the comfort of investors. An agreement to raise $ 44 billion to all of the same, which would have cost Tesla’s investors as much as Elon Musk would have earned his Twitter account without any danger.

And they want a new rebranding in this business: Elon Musk lives on (on Twitter, of course) the suspension of his Twitter device operation. The effect is to ensure that the fault accounts on the social network representing less than 5% of the total number of users. What is the passera-t-il if its verifications are competitive this analogy? Announcing your Twitter account or trying to negotiate a price;

La bourse s’excite encore

As soon as Elon Musk tweets, the stock responds to all of these statements. The action of Twitter is an effective quote of 17.7% in the avant-garde exchanges on Wall Street su in the suite of the publication of Tweet. Et tout le monde attend the enjoyable and competitive Elon Musk.

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