Tesla users chase Superchargers comme des Pokemon

Essayer Tesla’s uses of Superchargers like Pokemon?

Configure the vehicles Ces usagers de Tesla chassent les Superchargers comme des Pokemon or require a free free version.

A group of Tesla owners owned to launch in one of the Superchargers chassis. In North America, their target is to rally a maximum of ten charging stations.

This is a fiery competition that is currently taking place in North America. Elle met the scene of the owners of Tesla, and the unknown rapper le principe of Pokemon Go.

This is the real growing augmented hunter of monster virtuels and an environmental control through an app, and Tesla owners in defining the high-speed recharge auxiliary adapter.

Their target is to visit a maximum of Superchargers stations, with the passage of their passage. This competition does not aim at any target, just to visit North America.

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Participants have been told by the Wall Street Journal that they will decide on the fair travel for the 15-day rally for the Washington, DC au Wyoming rally. The need and assistance in a ceremony to start and effect a detour by 80 stations.

Even this figure, which was realized in 15 days, is insignificant in relation to the total number of visits. Le Dr. Andy Hall confirms the visit and 1500 stations for recharging.

The leader is currently a Seattle American, who is visiting 1620 stations. Regardless, it is controversial to know whether it is in the head of the classification. In effect, it is only built in 1493 in North America, where the game is played.

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