Tesla: the new Gigafactory Berlin;

The history of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin has been moved, and all of it can have many pendants and a great moment. Starting on March 4, Tesla was able to get a boost. The use of the American mark can be seen only after avoiding the authorization of the Brandenburg authorities. Without a definite design, Tesla could not be operated more continuously, and the opening provided in the last July has been delayed. But more Numeramathis victory in the great pump of the Elon Musk clan does not affect all German ecologists.

The point of departure of this new competition salvage aired on April 11 last, except for confusions. 15,000 liters of painting mixture are exaggerated by the “mega-usine” when it is not only then recovered by a specialized enterprise in the treatment of decets. Intorable for the Green League (green league), ecological movement, which requires an administrative closure of the road. Alternatively send a dossier to the authorities to suspend the authorization of Tesla’s activity.

A non-conformal sole;

The ecological group also takes into account other discriminations, notably at a precise point: the fact that the sole proprietors do not respond to the criteria required and what Tesla promises. Cell spilled to provoke pollution risks for water, even. If the Green League does not require a definitive closure, then Gigafactory only closes temporarily at the speed at which the work is done. Very quickly, the Land of Brandenburg responds to them, specifying that there is no risk of phratic pollution at this stage where the prevention measures are followed.

Numerama explicitly as if the ecological groups did not intend to gain cause, or they turned to the Minister of Environment. Jusqu’alors, even if they do not prevent the aperture of the machine, but the beaucoup is delayed. The construction will be announced in 2019, but with repeated measures, justice will be requested by the constructor to suspend the construction due to the possible effects on nature. Consumption of water is also pointless. Standing on 300 hectares, it produces about 500,000 electric vehicles per year. À l’heure actuelle, 2,500 à 3,000 salaries and wages. Ils devraient être ensuite jusqu’à 12.000.

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