Tesla suspended works on Inde face aux droits de douane

Cheap Flights to Tesla in India My business is suspicious of electric vehicle fleet projects, abandoning the search for locations and affecting part of our team in place, without having to wait for even two minutes. With more than one discussion without issue without the representatives of the Indian government, Tesla scans for demand testing in place of electric vehicles imported from its production centers and at lower rates.

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However, the Indian government does not allow Tesla to be locally manufactured before it doubles down on double-decker vehicles, which can be 100% complete on imported vehicles.

The sales projects of the exhibition and the service centers are suspended

Tesla is pausing on its car import projects in India after the non-proposal of concessions by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, due to the presentation of its budget and fiscal policy on February 1. Tesla and a password management port of India have not responded to the media for comment.

While Tesla is looking for places to open its exhibition halls and service centers in the villas of New Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore, this project is suspiciously based on both sources. Tesla also configures additional responsibilities on other marches à some members of his local team. The son in charge of politics and development in India, Manuj Khurana, takes over the une responsabilité “produit” à San Francisco depuis mars, as he sets his LinkedIn profile.

Narendra Modi searched for manufacturers in the “Make in India” campaign, but his Minister of Transport, Nitin Gadkari, announced in April that he would not accept a “good proposal” for Tesla to import cars. from China to India.

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