Tesla Model Y Great Autonomy test: the electric SUV rests the reference

Το Tesla is living in the midst of the march of electric SUVs in 2021. It is flying, on a rapid pace as this model Y is sorted out, and helps more than others. Autonomy, router behavior, on board, flights not only from Tesla model Y Great Autonomy.

Electric SUV references are multiplicative. They have to pass the passage because all the constructors have completed the electrification of their range. Historical brands, like new actors, are launched at the stage of this march. Face to face with this competition, the Tesla Model Y does not appear as the reference to the battery. Quantity of quality, some defects, this Tesla Model Y from which to give more than just competitors.

For this purpose, we do not want to forcefully reproduce the 1,600 km realized on the Tesla Model 3. The idea of ​​testing the vehicle on the mixed cycles consisting of the week-end promenade sets with more dynamics, with of more turns around an eco conductor.

Το Tesla creuse toujours léçart sur lée efficiency

We have also observed the Model 3, but the Tesla SUV in the Grand Autonomy version is also capable of mounting an effective mallet with a length of 4.75 m. The authoritative treatments remain the most gourmet in consumption, but can easily be avoided to suggest autonomy on the secondary network.

I bought 20 bags, augmenting the consumption, which is with a capacity of 16.1 kWh / 100 km that will help the Tesla vehicle. It is a good result, face to face with electric SUVs that pass 18 or 20 kWh / 100km on average on similar routes.

Consummations du Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

On an average 13.0 kWh / 100 km over the course of a kilometer quantum at the eccentricity game. The conditions of Dans ces, it is possible to enter the 533 km of autonomy of the norm wltp (or jusqu’à 565 km with the weights of 19 steps). Sinon, στο visera plutôt autour de 450 km, ce qui est déjà amplement suffisant.

Most of the different essays are realized at the beginning of the month, rarely are the electric vehicles available on the march offering offer serenity in relation to consumption,’s exclusion of Kieaund Core. When Tesla’s recharging ecosystem is up to its efficiency, it can not be stated that the brand will continue to cross the finish line with the competition.

Recharge Model Y on Tesla supercharger // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

Life on board: space and cover

With a capacity of 2.89 m, for a vehicle of 4.75 m, the space on the board is not wide, and compression for the passers-by on the aisle. The Model Y must be measured to satisfy all dimensions of the passers-by, but the Model 3 can set some limits. The contract is all short for the comfort of all occupants.

Model Y – Space for arriving passers-by // Πηγή: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

The Tesla Model Y with its large coffin responds to perforated reviews evoked by families for the Tesla Model 3 and its coffers. The Model Y Grande Autonomy has a large capacity of 854 liters and a capacity of 117 liters. Working on the rear seats, you can get up to 2 158 liters of series.

If it does not suffice, you will pour all tractors up to 1,600 kg with the Tesla Model Y. The installation of the parking crochet will take place after delivery, with an option of € 1,350.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

The good surprise from your router behavior, but…

The Tesla Model 3 is very close to the dynamic range, it is exactly the same as the Model Y. It has a very high center of gravity, the Model Y is very agile and almost the same as when de hausser le rythme sur les petites paths. The Model Y, with its image of all the Tesla, does not have the brakes on the levers, which it has the right foot to remove, as a very good roller.

Arrival face Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

Suspension and Direction adjustments offer a good route for an SUV of less than 2 tonnes. It can be flown at full speed, and all, in a safe manner. It does not have a reverser on this coil, and it is the one that chooses the one that counts on the number of SUVs on the road.

Add dynamism, the constructor must sacrifice in part comfort. It is especially visible on paths of perfection, on pavilions or enclosures on decelerators. He sent you allors un confort plus kassan. Which does not mean that in the assembly, the Model Y is not controllable, or is at least for amplification with dynamic behavior. This is a compromise, between route and comfort, to try to satisfy all users. Faudrait sinon to increase the price with an option, like the pneumatic suspensions available on Model S et X.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

The tariff positioning

We can buy one of the standard Model 3 appeal prices for at least € 50,000. All in force, with a starting fee of up to € 62,990, the Model Y Grande Autonomy does not have a discountable premium on board. Final in relation to the debut of the Model 3 Grande Autonomie with a price of 58 990 €, which justifies the parfaitement l’écart de prix avec le Model Y.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

Με τη συγκατάθεση της Ευρώπης φθάνουν à presenter several models of family SUVs à of the most attractive prices, the comparison, à performances and equivalent equipment, are not all possible. Tesla preserves a non-negligible advance on pure performance. The brand is also on the blocking technology of the series, or other models passing through the jumping options.

It is certain that having a propulsion model Y, the American brand easily opposes competing principals. They take advantage of this positioning, because of the electric vehicles for all the boats and all the boards.

Tesla Model Y

Look, interior, technology: these elements that are constantly evolving

The duo Model 3 and Model Y an introduction to some of the newer names, que l’on ne présente plus. The premiere chose the visible and the easily recognizable, c’est le design exterieur de ces deux modèles. This style is very simple, it does not have to be complete, but it has the advantage of responding to aerodynamic elements to make consumption easier.

This is where the interior comes in handy with a flat screen, with its unique central screen and the absence of superfluous buttons. Η διασύνδεση This is done finely by renting in the habitats. The mark is more or less copied, but no other constructor suppresses the speedometer like Tesla’s.

Towards the Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

Surprisingly to quickly reach the main conduit environment. In addition to the latest evolutions of the multimedia system, the assembly does not include more than one lens, either fluidity or decoupling speed. Easily taking off to another, without breaking the path of one long time tropics. The vocal controls are also an alternative to our assistants, and avoid all the useless manipulations of the screen during which it conducts.

Interior evolutions are not perceptible at all for non-branded ones. More than one model, and only one generation after another, can not only progress. Detail of small details, such as the cap on the ports, or the place given to the charge by induction, but all these small elements, such as shut-off, contributing to the increase of the quality impression. At this point, the Model Y tests these last days to make a difference. Για τη λύπη can just beyond the reach of visibility, the flow is very limited by the shape of the hayon.

Tesla Model Y Interior // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

The technology touches the strong point of Tesla. If you want to concentrate on the ducts and the coil pilot, which is provided by others, the progress of the brand is not taken into account. However, all of this is very clear from the European regulations. The Fluid-driven Autopilot system has no vents, but its perforations are limited in circulation plus density. Other competitors, such as Mercedes or Audi, advance rapidly on the subject, even taking advantage of their lack of system for our European-specific traffic specifications.

Tesla’s proposition assembly is more or less homogeneous. The brand corrects its youthful defects progressively. In a way that Tesla has already repaired its clients to make progress on its models through regular, remote-controlled missions. Anchor one, all competitors copying the American constructor, but also present in the Tesla-mounted frame.

The verdict

Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut pour Numerama

The Model Y, like the Model 3, has simple references to compare generally all other electric vehicles tested. Like every new Tesla, this Model Y continues to look positive. Exterior look, interior style, technology in font an interesting proposition. Shortening the difference of the Model 3 berlin, the Model Y being obtained more easily through the passers-by, and the benefit of a very movable piece. However, it’s all about performance, efficiency and routine behavior, which makes it different and which differs differently from the Model Y, by placing a competitor ahead of the competition.

Although these models are not without defects, they are largely offset by all the benefits developed by the Tesla ecosystem: rapid and easy recharging, embarking technologies, missing innovations.

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