Tesla, directed by Elon Musk, sums up the demand for its German utility extension: report

Το Tesla deposits a request to build on 100 additional hectares of its usine in Germany, augmenting also the surplus of the site of a tier, reports the local rbb journal, citing local maire. The electric vehicle builder, which has a terrain of 300 hectares for the use of automobiles and the use of batteries in the course of construction, to construct a brake station, the logistics zones of the additional space station, to be declared à RBB le maire de Gruenheide, Arne Christiani.

The proposal was discussed after a meeting of the community on June 2. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Gruenheide plant, which, at full capacity, produces 500,000 electric vehicles per year, produced in March 2022 after a series of retorts in the quillrelic spawn, produced in March 2022 after series of retorts in the quill of the quails, to find the necessary urgency to counteract the climatic change.

Local water suppliers are not provided, but Tesla says the final authorization to continue production in the car, which is impossible to achieve any further expansion of the car without importing ion water.

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