Tesla continues to raise prices and conference dates

Voices of new price augmentations for Tesla! These are all versions of the Model 3 that have been touched this time.

Tesla // Source: Jeffrey Correa

Commanding a current Tesla car, this Jamaican car is also complicated. At the point where Elon Musk explained that Tesla had already cut the controls on all models of its electric vehicles. The prices increase, but also the delivery rates.

These delivery times are very long, taken by several rails. First of all, the global penetration of components is a reality, even with production chains in difficulty. This pénurie is caused by the pandemic, but also by the war in Ukraine. However, there is also a flow of electric vehicles to measure that the technology before the sample -‘s the most natural, to measure those that deviate from the currents, and, plus direction, the cause of the augmentation ‘essence.

Anchor of price augmentations

Since its launch, Tesla has steadily augmented the suite prices of its models, particularly the Model 3 Range Propulsion. Cette fois-ci, all models, with Propulsion, Great Autonomy and Performance of Model 3 font the object of a price increase. The Propulsion models cost around 1000 euros. En Grande Autonomie, at the rate of 58 990 euros à 59 990 euros, soit 1000 euros d’augmentation. The Performance model is low, from 62,990 euros to 64,990 euros, up to 2,000 euros augmentation.

Version Avant Après Increase %
Model promotion 3 49 990 € € 50,990 1000 € +2%
Model 3 Grande Autonomie € 58,990 € 59,990 1000 € + 1.7%
Model 3 Performance 62 990 € € 64,990 2000 € +3.2%

The Grand Autonomy version gains all the ecological bonus, but you do not have to change the model on the series. For this reason, the Model Y is comparable, depending on your habituation.

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Tesla Model 3 Propulsion (2022)

Delivery rates are also rapidly evolving, except for the Model 3 Performance, which can receive this when you need an augmented control. This is the range of Propulsion range which is at least a lot, since it will be available until June 2023. For cells and others that have a range of controls, the number of accelerators planed to be accurate.

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