Tesla can prevent clients from passing control over their delivery parts being interchangeable

Face to face with the delivery of ridicule long on their models, Elon Musk poured into a radical definition. During a conference organized by the Financial Times, the billionaire admits that he intends to suspend commands on the most demanding vehicles.

Credits: Tesla

Comme vous le savez peut-être, Tesla a record in the first quarter of 2022, in addition to 300 000 electricity purchases. Malgré tout, the constructor assured of the existence of a particularly different period, the cause of the problems on the production line embedded by the penury of components. It also adds to the drastic reduction of the Shanghai Gigafactory à αιτία του Covid-19.

Fatalement, delivery devices explode on the most demanding models of the brand. On the Model Y Long Range, the Model X Long Range or the Model S Long Range, it is rarely rare atteindre συν d’un an before obtaining a car. During a conference organized by the Financial Times, Elon Musk interfered with the hardware by decoding the constructor to respond to current demand. In the first place, the billionaire is not set up, assuring that Tesla will measure all the cars that can be manufactured.

If the demand is not a problem, production is a revenge of the owner of Twitter. “Currently, the task for a Tesla controller is ridiculous for a long time, because our problem is not demand, it is production. Before these approbation chain problems arise, Tesla demand exceeds production. Remaining, the demand after the production’s a degrading ridicule ». a biography of the SpaceX prostate.

Suspend commands to avoid long tropics

To avoid the fact that delivery times are not continuous, Elon Musk admits that the enterprise to suspend suspensions on its most demanding models.Finally, there are likely to be limitations or complementary steps to take commands for each of which passes through a period of time in which their lengths are more than one “, explique-t-il.

The fact that clients are frustrated by the delivery times especially long-sightedly. À ses yeux, representing alloys a suffix motif for rotating accelerators versus other constructors. Foil for which Elon Musk measures the production, engineering and amelioration of the plumbing chain as the demand generation. Note that Tesla is not the only manufacturer with the same problems. The Volkswagen Group announces its announcement in the court of electric vehicles in Europe and 2023.

Source: InsideEVs

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