Tesla adds a pivot screen to its Model S, finishes pushing the floor to see more

The example that Tesla has added to a new board pivot board with its latest Model S. This is all indicative of a video of a Larry Li motorist mounting a screen capable of turning on , to the conductor or to the passer. It is very likely that all new vehicles will be equipped.

Credits: Larry Li via Twitter

From the bottom chain, Tesla doubles the strength to improve one of the best features of its vehicles: the dashboard. The constructor makes the last sensation present with its new ignition system, as well as its appearance. The fact that this drain is better than a helper in the conduit. In addition to the equivalent cell performance of a PS5, there is also a comparable route for passers-by.

Malgré all these qualities, the board is a victim of a broken villa: il est ακίνητος. If it is a different perfume you will see that it is located on the conductor or passer. Mais ça, c’était avant. In effect, all doors will be equipped with Model S novelties equipped with a screen capable of pivoting on one side or the other of the board. This is all about watching a promotional video posted on Twitter.

The dashboard of the Model S can be pivoted

As you can see in this video, it is possible to pivot the screen to the conductor or to the transmitter. In this way, one or the other can avoid a poor vision of what is affixed, by the angle being red, but also eliminating the possible reflections that can be inserted. Since the rotation angle does not have more than one extreme, it is a small joint that facilitates the use of users.

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Larry Li, author of the video, was aware in his tweet that this screen is available on the Model S 2021. In addition, the car owned by him was produced in April 2022. On Image from this new board table on all sides the Model S on the water counter. The Precautions all that the hood has automatically automated that one can perceive is a modification of the personal effect made by Larry Li.

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