Terra (LUNA): la blockchain hacked for $ 90 million and 8 months

A scandal before the LEG? – Plus besouin aujourd’hui de revenir sur le disastre de the shore of the EAST and the LUNA of Terra, so the story is disjointed connue in the cryptosphere. Most of them have this cataclysmic event, but others are ashamed that the person is not in remarriage. The equivalent of he was making millions of dollars a pourtant bel et bien été detourné sur Terra in October 2021.

Failure in a smart contract to (encore) through the removal of a fortune

After indexing the stablecoin dollar TerrasUSD (USD) delivered on May 9, 2022, the last one is not Jamaica remiss, all like MOON. Alors qu’une trial de renaissance of the blockchain of Terra vient d’avoir lieu, nous apprenons qu’une grave pongee in a smart contract this network causes a significant loss of capital about 8 months later.

This is a user @FatManTerra on Twitter who has premiered à repérer l’anomalie. This exploitation of the file is not produced on the contract Mirror protocol on October 8, 2021.

Attacking in a premier envoy time 100 000 UST the contract senses the deposits of these protocols. Pirate then opens a trading position by following the protocols only 10 UST come guarantee. Allows all position pins to be opened or closed en bouclewhen a programming program identifies positions in the Mirror Protocol does not work.

“In a single transaction, l’attaquant a transformé 10 000 USD and 4 300 000 USD. This operation has also been completed several times, for a total of $ 30 million. All of these samples are fully integrated into the Terraform Labs and the Mirror protocol team. This is the first time this attack has been revealed. »

Fill out the Twitter @FatManTerra

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BlockSec analysts confirm $ 90 million volume in Terra

As a reference to this, one of the positions is the same dupliquee 437 foispermitting reports to each of a total of US $ 4.3 million (only with dollars, at the time).

The cybersecurity society BlockSec a confirmed this exploitation of failures in a detailed report, confirming all of FatManTerra’s Twitter posts. Au total, ce serait dans les $ 90 million of crypts that are currently recovered via this protocol on Terra.

BlockSec is a programming error «Correctly Silently» since, it turns out that the Mirrot Protocol team waits for the attacker to be fired (even if they are severely counted before the FatManTerra revelation).

Une affaire qui rappelle celle du Piracy of the Ronin platform by the NFT Axie Infinity game in late March. This exploitation of failure – which to remove dust for $ 650 million – it stays silent for a while before the users close the connections. In this hack, you can request it if you like it fatal error of the guard at UST bad acquis. Car in this case, it does not valent à this day more than 3 cents piece, in lieu of 1 dollar.

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