Team de France – Mbappé made for a Benzema car, Spain in pleurs

La Fédération Française de Football a mis lline, des lundi soir, les images de lrrivée de Karim Benzema à Clairefontaine. Espagne essay de brouiller les pistes.

In the wake of winning the Champions League, Real Madrid did not have the urge to re-sign Bleus for the League of Nations matches. If this competition does not include passions, all regards will be left unattended to the base camp of the French team. As a result, Karim Benzema is logically flickered by all his teammates, and notably the Madrid champion Raphaël Varane, for his victory over the Stade de France in Liverpool, his accolade with Mbappé, and so on. el Mondovision. Pre-pressed images necessary to prevent tropes from falling on these retro.

I and aura an explanation

In fact, after announcing that he was finally staying in Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé was considered by Karim Benzema, who’s from Real Madrid and did not intend to go on tour, as play route for Maison Blanche one or more t .t. His photo on the social networks of the rapper Tupac trahi by his processes does not take place anywhere on the significance of this subliminal image. Attacking the PSG and building a very responsive attitude, while waiting for a message to be sent in the highest direction, from the direction of the Madrid club, and that Benzema was expelled without a bronze. « I wish you all the best of Real Madrid postage. I do not know what to do. Do not go to Saint-Cyr to find out what happens next, right? Je lui expliquerai mon choix »Avait fait savoir Kylian Mbappé, πείσαμε την εξήγή between entre quatre-z’yeux mettra un terme aux brouilles. The best places to join the group in a French team, knowing that the two players are the leaders of Bleus.

Benzema is big, Mbappé aussi

This image of a franchise and with its prompting rapidly due to the tour of the world, but it is in Spain that is the most commented. From the other side of the Pyrenees, the media have not been given a chance. « This is the most searched image of this assembly. For a unit mark, the FFF flies the meter forward. This layer is about a meter thick on the edges of a crack between the two stars. They will avoid the time to plan their differentiation and clarification as to where these last two semesters are. », And after Cuatro, persuaded that Mbappé and Benzema would have been discouraged by this hot-blooded arrival from Real Madrid. From this city, Make a very small profit to return a piece of oil on the fire. « Benzema is blessed by Mbappé’s definition, which does not comply with it. Mbappé does not have the content to show what they want to be in their matches, but it does not allow these negative messages to be found », Published in the Madrilenian journal, for which the first two players on the ground with the French team’s suit also being sent to the scooter. Also, some images with a value of 1000 mots, and the suffix of some action actions between Benzema and Mbappé for rolling out the two doors. Didier Deschamps mise en tout cas sur ça.

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