Tchouaméni, 100M, Lukaku, PSG: The 7 Wednesday infos

Tchouaméni, direction the Real pour 100M?

The information came from one of the two Madridian inhabitants. Selon Brand et AS, Aurélien Tchouaméni is very serious about Real Madrid. Becoming from PSG, the home ground of AS Monaco, a decisive aura of the Madrid club. RMC Sport parle d’un transfer with 80 million euros + 20 bonuses, with possible formalization dans la semaine.

  • Notre avis : Le choix de Tchouaméni semble fait. Το Real Madrid’s Monaco’s intended to provide additional access to the entire database.


Dembélé, Lukaku, Di Maria, Koulibaly, MU: 14 infos mercato de lundi

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Πόλη, the condition of the animated sound

After avoiding the Erling Haaland venue, Manchester City counts very tightly (encore) very much on the night condition. “I can confirm that other players will arrive, indicated by Khaldoon Al Mubarak, president of the English champions club, on the official site. We seek to enforce the team in the domains on which it is based. Every season, some players participate and we want to refresh the team. Our cherries touches us to improve and to strengthen us

  • Notre avis : A flight that announces the color of the City, uncontrollable actor of any condition.

Haaland va-t-il tuer le suspense en Angleterre; “Cel peut briser le duopole City-Liverpool”

Lukaku, reconciled with Inter …

L’Inter Milan va bien tenter le coup pour Romelu Lukaku. Being very complicated, this return is enclosed by the coat of arms of the Lombard club, which Sebastien Ledure meets, advocates for the game, that mardi. The object; Find an agreement of principle on the contract and regulate the fiscal question, indicative The Gazzetta dello Sport in the day edition. Ensuite, the Nerazzurri negotiated with Chelsea, à peine racheté.
  • Notre avis : This dossier is very complex, all around you in the game. However, you can attempt the coupon, with the intention of the player as the main argument.

Romelou Loukakou

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… which and devoir surveiller their accounts

Tours of the Nerazzurri coast, the transalpine press indicating that the club’s accounts remain in the rough wheel of 120 million euros, against 246 million last season. “The club will terminate the market with a positive sale of 60 million, and a reduction of 10-15% of the salivary mass. Discussions are on course with UEFA for a new accord“, accurate Le Corriere della Sera.

  • Notre avis : L’Inter devra chance of “sacrifice” top player. Alessandro Bastoni’s name is evoked in the press.

Cagliari formalized le Rachat de Bellanova

This is the official present: Raoul Bellanova Quite definitely the Girondins de Bordeaux. Cagliari, considered in Serie B, is configured to avoid the option of the present player in the jeweler’s contract, which is part of this in a big Serie A spell.

  • Notre avis : Bellanova realized a beautiful summer season. Cagliari devrait realized a plus-value beauty.

Sarabia sent a message

Pablo Sarabia, who was about to return to Paris Saint-Germain when it came to avoiding the season ahead of Sporting Lisbon, indicated that he decided to leave after leaving the window of international matches.veut jouer“et se”sentir important“.”At this point, and I am working on one agent, I want to concentrate on these four matches (with spangle selection), for which this is the most objective“, a statement at the press conference Sarabia, which sorts out a Russian exercise on the personnel plan with Sporting and not the contract with PSG Court Jusqu’en Jun 2024.

Une free de 120 million du PSG: Darwin Nunez baptizes mistakes?

Lorsque us aurons term this convocation (in Spanish), we turn to see and evaluate the best choice“, the winner of the junior poll of FC Séville, aged 30 years.”I want to see and feel important, but the solution is (at PSG) or not“added Sarabia, who joined the French capital club in 2019 and is looking to relocate to the relocating office.

  • Notre avis : For Sarabia, the departure symbol is ineligible this time.

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Allan aurait pu signer au PSG

In a company tuned to it Corriere dello SportAlan confirmed the son transferred to PSG lors du mercato hivernal in 2019.Dissonant that this state is. You can say that there is a receipt. And then explore. I’m tired and it’s all right here in Naples, but it stays back. But it has a great opportunity and a new level of experience, too. It provides a useful operation for the whole world, but a demand which is considered exaggerated is apparent», The fact that they evolved all over Naples.

  • Notre avis : Si le Napoli ne s’était pas montré gourmand, Allan evoluerait aujourd’hui au PSG.

Le PSG va-t-il vraiment changer; “Ο φάκελος Dembélé dira tout de ses intentions”


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