Stages, rehearsal CDD … The great dissolution of young lawyers

ENQUEST – After receiving or receiving information about the reality of the material, lawyers advocate living with the debuts of different careers after the relevant studies.

«I chose the stages, I even got a CDD, but I did not find any collaboration needed», Confie Marie *, a young lawyer, having graduated from the Paris and New York barracks in 2020 and specializing in intellectual property.

However, Marie is not satisfied with the fact that 35% of women advocates attending the premiere annals of their professional profession, according to the Union of Young Parisian Lawyers (UJA). If the raisins are too diverse and all of them are not covered after the points with the right, the remaining tropic figure is chosen to illustrate a mal-ether or delusion that touches the number of young people.

« With robe and plaidoirie, the material of the vehicle is a final image, divided by number of students, In addition to Maître Simon Warynski, President of the National Federation of Jeunes Avocats (FNUJA). However, since this era, the profession has evolved far and wide and has a very large profile profile. To obtain a license…

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