“Sleep is both a cause and a consequence of the state of health of the French”

ONE la veille du Congrès du sommeil organizée par la Société française de recherche et médecine du sommeil (SFRMS) and la Société de pneumologie de langue française (SPLF) qui se tient à Lille du 23 au 25 bilan’s novem’s, on November 25, on November 25 , on November 25. état du sommeil des Français, dans cette nouvelle ère post-Covid.

The CoviPrev barometer makes 71% of sleep complaints reported in the general population, or 10% more in two years, which is an important warning signal. The Vaccination Campaigns and Health Prevention Measures have globally given very satisfactory results on the propagation and consequences of the virus. The community of sleep launches an alarm signal in the face of the evolution of signs of mental health and sleep complaints.

Depuis March 2020, the perception of life, the level of sleep complaints, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are collected regularly on a representative sample of the general population. Two striking elements are to be taken into consideration regarding sleep complaints. They are schematically three times higher than complaints of anxiety and/or depression. Leur prévalence, qui n’a jamais baissé, atteint des sommets jamais enregistres aupuravant lors de la dernière mesure effected in September 2022.

Augmentation depuis 2020 des complaints de sommeil

Les plaintes anxiodépressives variant selon les périodes: schematically, in a confined period, “on va mal”, in a deconfined period, “on va mieux”. Avec un retour à la normale lié à une baisse durable du psychosocial stress, on aurait pu espérer de même pour les troubles du sommeil. Unfortunately, since the start of their assessment in 2020, complaints of sleep have not ceased to increase, regardless of the evolution of complaints of anxiety and depression.

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A note that, at the same time, the positive perception of the life of the French has declined in the mirror of the increase in sleep complaints. If, at the beginning of the crisis due to Covid, the sleep problems were analyzed as the consequences of the epidemic, it is clear that the situation is changing. Initially, sleep complaints, particularly insomnia and non-restorative sleep, were explained quite simply by the disruptions to our sleep-sleep rhythms linked to confinement.

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Currently, scientific studies that have analyzed different parameters of sleep during this period have brought new data. On the one hand, a disturbed sleep leads to a fragility to infections: for example, the cycle delay and the duration of sleep between week and weekend multiply by two the risk of contracting Covid (Coelho et al., Sleep Medicine Review, 2022). On the other hand, complaints of insomnia multiply by 2.8 the risk of developing a depressive state (Hertenstein, Sleep Medicine, 2019).

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