Since sclerosis exists on plaques;

Plaque sclerosis is a malignancy that remains long-lived. Will it come out at least 150 years old, but does it exist more often than not?

Seth Daly

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Since sclerosis exists on plaques; –
Minute Doctor

Plaque sclerosis, SEP, does not have visual tracks on the squeegee and has no indexes for anthropologists.

The first case of sclerosis in slabs

The most common description of maladie remonterait au XIIIème siècle. It belongs to a Viking woman, who is plagued by intermittent tubes between the password and the march. It does not fail to replicate a hypothesis, the sclerosis on plaques is scandinavian and the aura has been disseminated by the Vikings in all of Europe!

This Jamaican theory has been validated. Puis en 1421, une afre affaire surgit. Ludwine de Schiedam, a Dutch woman who suffers from a stroke in the braces that reappears in all its bodies in the annals.
The medicines of the epoch are incompetent and visible to the main body of Dieu.

Charcot at the origin of the SEP exchange

The fault represents the end of the XIXème cycle for a single name on this maladie.
On March 14, 1868, in fact, Jean-Martin Charcot, neurologist at Salpetrière, used it for the first time in his work on the term sclerosis on plates.

This is observed on the surfaces of small grease-shaped and irregular shapes, which is called sclerosis on plates. Since their work has given a world reference.

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